What travel restrictions? DIY Vespa caravan for homegrown adventures

Who says international travel restrictions mean an end to holiday adventures? Take for example the adventures of Tom Burick, who got in touch to share details of the charming caravan he’s just built. The little tear-drop trailer echoes the lines of his vintage Vespa scooter, which doubles as a tow vehicle.

Tom told us: “The trailer weighs in at 170 pounds and is made from aluminum, foam, and canvas. I’ve had it out camping a few times and it’s been wonderful. Every time I take the trailer out in public I get absolutely mobbed. It’s hard to film, ride, or camp because the attention is non-stop. I am 100% sure you have experienced the same with your little (QTvan) caravan.”

Micro meals – the vespa caravan has a well-equipped kitchen

Take a look at the scooter caravan on Tom’s youtube channel

We’re such fans of DIY trailers here at the ETA that we built our own. Our QTvan might not have a built-in kitchen like Tom’s scooter caravan, but it’s the ideal accessory for cyclists who demand a cosy night’s sleep on their camping trips. It’s so small that it holds the Guinness World Record for smallest caravan.

QTvan bicycle caravan

The QTvan boasts a full-sized single bed, 19” television, drinks cabinet and tea-making facilities. The ETA commissioned the bicycle caravan to illustrate the efficiency of the bicycle.

Qtvan bicycle caravan


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