Vivid Lock: Wearable bike security with built-in LED lights

The less stuff you have to carry by bike the better – the Vivid Lock is wearable bicycle security with built-in LED lights. Fabricated from nylon, clear PVC and waterproof LED strips, the Vivid lock has 30 white lights facing forwards and 30 red ones at the rear.

TrackerPad is a GPS sticker for your bicycle

TrackerPad is a GPS sticker for your bicycle. No larger than a ten pence coin, the rechargeable pad promises to pinpoint the location of a stolen bike wherever it is in the world to within 2.5 metres. We have two TrackerPads, a wireless charger pad, and promo codes with which to download the Trackerpad app to give away. Just leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and let us know which two items you’d stick your TrackerPads to.

Best bicycle hacks for cars

Drivers have been borrowing bicycle technology since the earliest days of motoring. Behold today’s best bicycle hacks for cars.

Bicycle sidecars as alternative to cargo bikes

Bicycle sidecars might be an unusual alternative to conventional child seats, but what more fun way of passing the cycling bug to the next generation? There is a bewildering array of child seats, tag-alongs and trailers aimed at helping families cycle together, but arguably none is as stylish looking or adventurous as the Scandinavian Side Bike.

PaperJohn biodegradable carrier bag for cyclists

The PaperJohn biodegradable carrier bag for cyclists aims to reduce the one trillion (one thousand billion) plastic bags are used every year worldwide and encourage more people onto bikes. Our seemingly insatiable need for the throwaway carrier bags creates consumer waste that takes between 100 and 500 years to degrade – not to mention a hazard to marine life that kills one million seabirds every year.

Car headlights that detect cyclists

Ford is developing car headlights that detect cyclists and illuminate them automatically. Conventional car headlights do a good job of illuminating the road directly ahead, but on a roundabout the driving direction changes in such a way that the light does not light up the road ahead in time.

ETA voted #1 ethical insurance company 2015

The ETA has been voted the most ethical insurance company in Britain by the Good Shopping Guide. Beating household-name insurance companies such as Admiral, AXA, Churchill and Halifax, the ETA earned an ethical company index score of 93. The ETA specialises in breakdown cover, cycle insurance and travel insurance.

Electric aircraft to cross the channel

You wait over a century for an electric aircraft to cross the channel and then two do it in less than a week. In 1909 Louis Bleriot, Hubert Latham, Charles de Lambert and Arthur Seymour raced to be the first person to cross the English Channel in a powered aircraft.

Motorcycle breakdown in Europe advice

If you and your mates have been planning a European motorcycle trip for months – don’t let a breakdown ruin the experience. If only to avoid the moral dilemma of whether to abandon your broken down companion or the entire trip, follow these simple steps to help ensure your ride to mainland Europe runs smoothly.