Latest bicycle light is a flashing water bottle

The Candea Elite flashing water bottle uses LEDs and the diffusive properties of transparent liquid to transform itself into a distinctive flashing beacon. The innovation may herald a day when no single item of cycling gear is available without the option of flashing lights.

The best cargo bikes & trikes

The best cargo bikes might cost the same as secondhand cars, but their uptake in cities would have a transformative effect on our collective quality of life. Imagine school run congestion, and the associated road danger, replaced with a procession of sturdy bikes – their cargo boxes brimming with kids. And if you worry your thighs aren’t quite up to the job of carrying the combined weight of up between two and four kids, there are electric motors available as an optional extra.

WingLights bicycle indicators

WingLights bicycle indicators use powerful magnets to snap into place on almost any set of handlebars. Universal mounts attached to a bicycle’s handlebars allow WingLights to snap on and off in seconds. Once activated by a button at its tip, each WingLight flashes at the same frequency as indicators on cars and motorbikes. The lights can be removed and clipped together when not in use.

Brompton on steroids: The FAT BAD electric folder

Folding bicycles are practical, but small wheels can feel at the mercy of pot-holed city streets – a challenge the Fat Bad overcomes with balloon tyres. Available in matt black, matt green, fluorescent green or pearl white and with a choice of 250-watt or 500-watt motor, the Fat Bad manages up to 43 miles before a charge.

Motorcyclist comes face to face with HGV danger

A motorcyclist has captured on film the moment he came face to face with HGV danger and lived to tell the tale. If you thought the most dangerous risk from HGVs was being trapped on nearside, think again. Shocking new footage on YouTube reveals that a left turning lorry is as much of a threat to those in oncoming traffic as it is to those travelling in the same direction.

Vivid Lock: Wearable bike security with built-in LED lights

The less stuff you have to carry by bike the better – the Vivid Lock is wearable bicycle security with built-in LED lights. Fabricated from nylon, clear PVC and waterproof LED strips, the Vivid lock has 30 white lights facing forwards and 30 red ones at the rear.