Curve: Stylish and cheap bicycle lights

The Curve rear light is the latest offering from Bookman – specialists in stylish and functional bike accessories. The completely weatherproof light promises to keep you visible through rain, hail or snow.

Four million reasons why the world should commute by Piaggio Wi-Bike

The Piaggio Wi-Bike is a glimpse of how the world should get to work. If you are one of the four million British commuters who travel less than three miles to work by car, and you’re unable or unwilling to ditch four wheels in favour of a conventional bicycle, electric assist offers an ideal alternative.

Grasp a fingerprint operated bicycle lock

If you’ve ever fumbled with your bicycle lock with cold fingers, you’ll understand the merit of key-less fingerprint operated security. The Grasp lock combines the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with hardened steel alloy to create.