Grasp a fingerprint operated bicycle lock

If you’ve ever fumbled with your bicycle lock with cold fingers, you’ll understand the merit of key-less fingerprint operated security. The Grasp lock combines the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with hardened steel alloy to create.

Blaze Burner bicycle light aimed at urban riders

As bike light patterns become ever more complex, designers are resorting to ever higher specs to help rider stand out from the crowd. The BLAZE Burner features a bank of 24 LEDs, each with 60 levels of brightness. In the visual cacophony of today’s cities, the Burner offers almost endless variations of flashing and pulsing.

Arcimoto SRK electric trike: Future transport today

The Arcimoto SRK electric trike might just be the Holy Grail of motorised personal transport. Short enough to  park to like a motorcycle, but boasting a roof and seat belts like a car, the lightweight electric trike can squeeze up to 130 miles out of a single charge. With an estimated 230 MPGe, the trike nevertheless manages 0-60 in 7.5 seconds and is capable…

Guerrilla tactics to reduce road danger

They say the roads are getting safer, but so slowly do the wheels of bureaucracy turn in favour of people who walk or cycle (as opposed to drive), that groups are being forced to take matters into their own hands. A sticker applied to the surface of a road that gives the impression a child is standing in the middle of…