Bicycles caravans are ridiculous. We love them.

QTvan bicycle caravan towed by ebike

We don’t care that bicycle caravans will always be a heavier, more expensive and less practical alternative to carrying a tent. In fact, we love the idea so much we built the whimsical model pictured above – and we earned a Guinness World Record for our troubles.

Given the Marmite relationship Brits have with both bicycles and caravans, it’s unlikely our roads are ready for the designs listed below, but we’re thrilled they exist.

For adventurous spirits looking for a novel alternative to sleeping under canvas next summer, the 40 kg Wide Path Camper could be just the ticket.

wide path bicycle caravan

The fibreglass-bodied camper can sleep two (well-acquainted) adults in comfort, boasts 300 litres of storage space and collapses to half its size for towing.

The caravan in tow mode

The TAKU-TANKU concept cycle camper is designed to be built with off-the-shelf and upcycled materials.

Taku-Tanku bicycle caravan trailer

The superstructure comprises two 3,000-litre plastic water tanks connected by a ring of wood that frames the entrance.

bicycle caravans

TakuTanku bicycle trailer

A French boat building company is behind the Foldavan – a lightweight bicycle caravan that collapses for easy storage and towing.

Foldavan bicycle caravan

Wooden Widget already produces a range of collapsible boats and sailing dinghies that can be towed behind a bicycle and the Foldavan shares many of the same design principles.

Built from wood, carbon fibre and reinforced PVC cloth, the teardrop-shaped Foldavan has three modes. When being stored, or transported on a car roof rack, it collapses flat.

While being towed by a bicycle, it opens to 60 cm – about the same as the width as most handlebars. Once at its destination, it takes less than five minutes to transform the Foldavan into camping mode.

Foldavan bicycle caravan

The Foldavan weighs only 30 kg and has a low centre of gravity, which means it can negotiate even quite rough terrain – in high winds, the sides can be unzipped to let the wind pass through.

The Foldavan trailer is available as a set of plans and takes an estimated 50 hours to build. The materials needed are easy to find in varying qualities to suit any budget – A Foldavan can be built  for next to nothing using reclaimed timber and second-hand parts.

The carbon footprint of the Foldavan is small because all the materials can be found locally or salvaged. Furthermore, the company plants five trees every time it sells a set of plans.

QTvan bicycle trailer

It’s not as practical a proposition as the Foldavan, but our QTvan may be the ideal accessory for cyclists who demand the height of luxury on their camping trips. We designed and built the tiny caravan as a light-hearted demonstration of how bicycles are extremely capable load carriers.

Here in Britain, cyclists appear reluctant to fit panniers, opting instead for rucksacks, but elsewhere in the world, bicycles are routinely used to carry and tow heavy cargo. The QTvan features a full-sized single bed, 19” television, drinks cabinet and tea-making facilities.

QTvan bicycle caravan

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