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Proof of Ownership

If you need to make a claim, you must provide proof of ownership or purchase of your bicycle and any fixed accessories.

Proof of ownership

How to prove ownership of your bicycle

We understand that bicycles are not always bought directly from cycle shops, so we will accept any of the following:

  • Original purchase receipt
  • Letter on headed paper from the cycle shop confirming purchase, make and model purchased, the date of purchase and the amount paid
  • Valuation certificate (dated and on headed paper) from a cycle shop confirming the bicycle value and what its replacement value would now be
  • Cycle to Work scheme documents (must mention make and model)
  • Ebay or PayPal documentation confirming sale (must mention make and model)

How to prove ownership of a suitable lock

It is a condition of cover that you adequately secure your bicycle with an approved lock when you leave it in a public place. We do not require you to lock your bicycle when it is being kept at home, so long as it is not visible from the exterior of your property and that it is not accessible by anyone other than members of your household.

However, if you need to make a claim for theft in a circumstance where your bicycle had to be locked correctly in order to qualify for cover (i.e. left unattended in a public place), you must prove ownership of a suitable lock.

We will accept any of the following:

  • Original purchase receipt
  • Ebay or PayPal documentation confirming sale (must mention make and model)
  • A valid web receipt clearly showing your purchase of a valid bike lock if it was bought online
  • A bank statement clearly showing the transfer of funds for the purchase of your cycle lock
  • An independent written valuation of the bicycle lock, provided by an accredited cycle retailer
  • Clear photographs of the lock in question, both separately from, and locked to, your insured bicycle. If you cannot provide a receipt and are using photographs to support your claim, these must be supplied to us before such a time as you need to make a claim.

Don’t wait to claim

If you have any doubts that you would be able to provide a receipt proving ownership in the case of a claim, please supply us with supporting evidence, as described above, as soon as possible. This will be stored on file by our claims team, giving you peace of mind in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim.

You can email proof of ownership to