Fuel cell electric bicycles

alpha fuel cell bicycle

What if you could take the most effective way of fuelling an electric motor and combine it with the world’s most efficient vehicle? The result would be a fuel cell electric-assist bicycle.

The Alpha can be refilled with hydrogen in only two minutes – enough to deliver a range of 100 km on a single charge. Whereas battery-powered pedelecs are adversely affected by low temperatures, The Alpha provides constant range and performances in all weather conditions.

Alpha fuel cell bicycle

The company behind this exciting design is currently crowd funding here.

Fuel cells are not a new idea – they were invented in 1838, which makes them almost exactly the same age as the bicycle.

A fuel cell converts the energy from a fuel (like Hydrogen) into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen. Fuel cells require a constant source of fuel to sustain the chemical reaction, but unlike batteries, which eventually go flat, they can produce electricity for as long fuel and oxygen are supplied.

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  1. Christopher


    Looks interesting. I’m not a fan of lithium batteries. When the battery dies (they all do), many items cannot be repaired. So that’s it. Not a good idea.

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