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Australia Makes Life Jackets for Swimmers Compulsory

In Australia it is compulsory to wear a helmet if you are cycling. Fortunately, here in Britain, whether one wears a helmet or not is a “matter of choice”:


My school meals were served on a cafeteria basis – and, unlike most of my school mates, I regarded them as a rather good selection of food. I had free school meals. For many, that might be seen as an extra bonus but like Animal Farm’s Benjamin, who had a tail to brush away the bothersome flies, I’d rather have not have been in the situation of needing free schools meals.

Pirates of the Nancy Bell

Yesterday the MV IRENE SL, a Greek flagged and owned supertanker of 319,247 tons was captured by pirates. This is last of a long line of attacks by Somali pirates on international shipping. There are around five hundred sailors held as hostage by the pirates and the number is growing.

What should our response be?

Bus funding

Today the Campaign for Better Transport reported that, because of the proposed cuts over the next four years, bus provision could end up in tatters. Outside of a few well known places, I think that our bus serive is pretty much there already.

I think each person has their own view about what constitutes a good bus service.

Devolving bus policy

In an unguarded moment you may have found yourself gazing at the bar-code printed on the side of your groceries and you may have wondered how the bar-codes are allocated. Common sense tells us that there must be a different bar-code worldwide for every product – even down to its size and colour.