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Parliamentary Meeting

Last week I met Norman Baker, minister for transport, in parliament. The part of his brief that interested me most was sustainable transport. Norman has been campaigning on these issues for many years so he is fully aware of what needs to be done – now he is in government he has a chance to do it.

Vote for Mayor – no thanks

The Centre for Cities and the Institute for Government have together recently produced a new document “Big Shot or Long Shot? How elected mayors can help drive economic growth in England’s cities”. The report highlights a number of areas where government is failing us and it is full of good ideas to make improvements.

Chewing the Fat with Lord Butler

One of the advantages of cycling over driving is that one can bump into someone and have a chat as you go along.

Signs of the road ahead

When I was a child, Britain had not yet introduced the international road signs that we have today.

GM Trees improve road safety

The number of people killed in car crashes has been falling recently. Improvements in car design, road layout and fewer miles driven have all helped.

The problem is that some type of crashes are not falling as fast as others. Whilst colliding with a lamp post is less likely to kill you – driving into tree still is.