Bike accessories: Simple cycling solutions

bell on brake lever

The bicycle is a design of such efficiency that it no longer has any need to evolve, but that’s not to say there is no desire for new takes on bike accessories.

A range of beautifully simple and elegant extras for bicycles by Italian design students showcases a fresh approach to bike lighting, mudguards, bottle holders and bells.

A playful take on the traditional bicycle bell sees it incorporated into the end of the brake lever as part of the casting process. To ring the bell you simply flick the brake lever. Unusual, reliable and difficult to steal.

plastic bottle holder

This clever design for a water bottle carrier allows you to reuse the disposable plastic soft drink bottle you might otherwise have recycled and reduces the clutter on your bike by doing away with a bottle cage.

bicycle bristle mudguard

This is our favourite. With relatively few British cyclists willing to fit their bikes with a set of full mudguards, there may be a ready market for this clever little design. Looking more than a little like the brush you might use to do the washing up, the colourful bristles prevent the rear wheel from spraying water onto your bottom and lower back.

Are your bike accessories covered by cycle insurance?

It’s important to check whether your cycle insurance policy covers parts, not to mention accessories, against theft. Are your wheels covered? What about the seat? It’s not uncommon for thieves to steal the handlebars, shifters and all, by cutting away all the cables – would you be compensated if this happened to you? Cycle insurance from the ETA covers all parts against theft without onerous restrictions on the way you use your bike. For example, while it’s recommended that you lock your wheels, it’s not a requirement – if you are unlucky enough to have your wheels stolen they will be replaced. Fixed accessories like pannier racks, water bottle cages, mudguards and computers (excluding quick release designs) can also be added to policy.

Other benefits included as standard are no devaluation EVER, £2m third party, accidental damage and a sympathetic policy on storage requirements. Find out about these benefits and others that are included at no extra cost and compare it to the competition.


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