If you must own an SUV, make it a bicycle

radmini electric bicycle

If the Brompton is a Morris Minor, the RadMini is surely the Range Rover of folding bicycles.

When fitted with  4”-wide, all-terrain tyres to soak up potholes, a folding frame makes multi-modal travel a breeze and heavy duty cargo racks put both Morrisons and Morocco within reach. With the bike fully laden with 50kg of cargo, powerful 180mm front and 160mm rear disk brakes with automatic power shutoff, stop you easily and shut off power to the motor even if the throttle is accidentally applied.

radmini urban electric bicycle

The RadMini  website describes the bike as a rugged space saver: Don’t let the “mini” in its name fool you. Sure, the RadMini can quickly fold when you need some extra room, but this ebike packs quite a punch when you’re ready for action. Strong construction, high-torque battery power, and advanced components, including a 7-speed gear range and an integrated brake light, add great value to this unique €1,599 foldable ebike.

Unlike so many bicycles on sale today, the RadMini comes equipped with a set of lights and mudguards. The LED headlight runs directly from the battery pack and is controlled via a switch on the handlebars.

A large LCD screen on the handlebars displays battery charge, distance travelled, power consumption, and speed. Two USB charging ports allow you to charge your portable electronics while on the go.

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