Cyclone offers cycling soundtrack

bicycle speaker

Cycling can be better with music, but earphones make it harder to hear the traffic around you on the road. The Cyclone is a shock-proof speaker designed to fit inside a water bottle cage.

A rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of continuous music playback and its Bluetooth connectivity works at a distance of up to 10 metres from your smartphone or other device.

The splash-proof Cyclone has an output of 2x5W and weighs 433g.

bicycle speaker

Win a Cyclone speaker

To be in with a chance of winning your own cyclone speaker, simply leave a comment below and let us know what you’d play on yours.

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  1. Elspeth Davies


    It’s got to be Queen’s Bicycle Race!

    “I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride my bike
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride it where I like”

  2. Craig


    I would play Kraftwerk’s Tour de France: Still sounds good after all these years and so appropriate for a cycling nut like me.

  3. Stephen


    Because it’s the wonderful feeling I get when I cycle:-

    “I Want to Break Free” by Queen.

  4. gill


    I would love it to be “Speed King” by Deep Purple, but “Slow Bicycle” by Múm would be more appropriate! 🙂

  5. Alastair Seagroatt


    I’d try to compose & record a bicycle song to help me on the hills 🚵🏼‍♂️

  6. Wolf Simpson


    Definitely some good heavy metal music, Metallica Black Album be the first.

  7. Carol W


    Maybe some sound effects would be fun 🙂

  8. Robert Nunney


    Bike by Pink Floyd

  9. Mikhail Tuzikov


    Wow! It would be perfect for our social rides!

  10. Frank


    Music accompanies me on every ride – sometimes just in my imagination or from whatever sound system I have with me be it mobile phone or voice recorder – I don’t use earphones, just the device’s
    own speaker, so having a Bluetooth speaker to playback with will turn my musical journeys into a roving soundscape as well as landscape.

  11. Richard Scrase


    Radio 4

  12. Gavin


    … this is a must win present!

  13. Douglas Milsom


    I am afraid that I do not like the idea. I would only want to win one to prevent its use! (Sorry to be such a party pooper.) I love music, classic and jazz mainly, but not much of the popular stuff. I would generally prefer not to hear other peoples’ choice of noise (such as rap emitting from the open windows of a BMW at about 150 decibels). I listen to good music quietly inside my car (windows closed!), but would never listen while cycling or running.

  14. Peter Clark


    My gym playlist because I don’t really like any songs with ‘bike’ in the title

  15. Rory Harkins



  16. Chris Bromwich


    Sounds Fantastic, It would have to Pink Floyd or Dire Straits, or maybe Dido, would depend on the journey and the mood.

  17. Stuart Young


    Love this to pedal along to some Kings of Leon…helps the miles fly by

  18. Jamie J


    “Bike Rider” by Mungo’s Hi Fi (featuring Pupajim) or maybe Napalm Death’s “Unchallenged Hate”…

  19. Phil


    Daisy daisy?

  20. PeteG


    Excellent solution – have music will travel

  21. Matt blackmore


    Nice idea!

  22. Phil


    As I cycle in and out of central London each day I would play “Cross Town Traffic” by Hendrix and possibly “My White Bicycle” by Nazereth.

  23. Tom O’Toole


    Highway to hell !

  24. Steve


    Heard recently that 1 million people in the UK commute by bicycle, so “9 Million Bicycles” by Katie Melua sounds like a decent target!!

  25. Mark B


    Clash or Pistols probably!

  26. Steph


    I would play a message to all the impatient, rude drivers who scream past me too close:

    Ella Fitzgerald’s – Please Be Kind

  27. Darren C


    I’d use it as an extra device to warn pedestrians of my presence while on the cycle paths, often I encounter people who think it is okay to walk three abreast right across the cycle path and footpath and completely ignore my bell.
    I would have the Gendarme’s siren you so often hear on the Tour de France, currently it’s my ringtone and is very loud!

  28. Bryn


    This Wheel’s on Fire written by Bob Dylan; Had a fab tail wind on my ride in to work this morning, so feeling pretty chuffed!!

    Thanks for the opportunity ETA.


  29. Hollie Johnson


    I know it’s January, but I’d want this speaker to play all those Christmas tunes on the annual Christmas bike ride – IT’S CHRRRRIIIIIIISSSSSTTMMAAAAAAAAAAASSSS!!

  30. Colin


    “Like a bat out of hell……” (Meat Loaf)

    When it’s safe to do so of course………!

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