Xmas stocking special: Barefoot shoes

Nakefit foot sticker

Last summer might seem like a distant memory, but take a moment to remember the pleasures barefoot walking – a pursuit made considerably easier in some environments by Nakefit – easily-removable stickers that are waterproof and protect against slipping, cuts…and hot sand.

nakefit shoe sticker

Barefoot running

Barefoot runners land on the middle or front of their foot. Running in padded shoes alters this pattern, making the runner more prone to land heavily on their heel before rolling onto the forefoot.

Humans had been running barefoot comfortably and safely for thousands of years before the advent of trainers. Proponents of barefoot running claim they are far less likely to suffer from injury. In fact, a study in 1991 stated that “wearers of expensive running shoes promoted as having additional features that protect (cushioning or ‘pronation correction’) are injured significantly more frequently than runners wearing inexpensive shoes”.

Win a pair of Nakefit shoe stickers

We have four pairs of Nakefit sticker shoes to give away – two of them are suited for feet sized 7-8.5 and two are for feet sized 4-6 . Leave us a comment at the bottom of the page and let us know whether you’d prefer large or small and we’ll pick winners next week.

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  1. Annz


    Small please

  2. Peter Clark


    Large please

  3. Robert Nunney


    I changed to minimalist running shoes years ago. It was the best thing I ever did as far as running is concerned. I’d like a large pair of stickers please.

  4. John Newton


    Sound great for the beach – bring on the summer (81/2 please!)%

  5. Alan Jones


    Wonder how reuse affects them, large please.

  6. Barry Etheridge


    I’m a bigfoot.

  7. Chris


    For a barefoot outdoor daughter prone to minor foot injuries these should provide just enough protection and some added freeedom

  8. Chris


    Whoops – forgot the feet size: She’s 6 1/2 so best go for 7 (large)

  9. Andy Brown


    Iconoclast Tom aka https://www.trimechanics.co.uk in Leeds is a big advocate of barefoot running. I hope to be too.

    I’m a size 9.5 – is that large?

  10. Gavin


    … as used by Zola Budd ???

  11. Kathy C


    Look good for running or even outdoor gardening. Love the idea of almost barefoot. Small

  12. James


    Looks a great idea would love to try a pair

  13. Lynnette Hall


    I have been using barefoot shoes for a while now. These seem like the next step. No shoes at all wonderful for my feet.

  14. Lynnette Hall


    Forgot size 4 to 6 please

  15. Jim Woodlingfield


    Large for me, would love to try these at the end of the Dunwich Dynamo…

  16. richard


    fascinating idea, small for me

  17. Rob


    For my partner Ann small size please. It could help her get back to running afte4 an achilles injury.

  18. Richard Scrase


    Are they lego-proof?

  19. Patricia Richardson


    My son would love these, he wears his slip ones & shorts everywhere, even if it snowing,
    He would walk in barefeet, if he could, hates shoes
    Size Large please

  20. Glynis brewer


    Back to nature! Hurray!

  21. Fergus Duncanson


    Love to try these!

  22. Vicky


    Size 4-6 please! 🙂

  23. Raf


    how would they fare in a triathlon, i wonder…? if you send me some smalls, i’d love to find out!

  24. Wayne Fox


    Large please ETA 🙂

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