France breathalyser law 2017

Many of the five million British motorists who will take their car to continent this year may be unaware of the French law which makes it compulsory for drivers to carry their own breathalyser.

Do you need a breathalyser in France 2017?

Disposable breathalyser kits remain on the list of items you are required to take with you when you drive in France (see other items listed below), however there is no fine for not having a breathalyzer in your car.

In January 2013, the French government said the fine for not having an unused breathalyzer with you (which was to have been €11) has been postponed indefinitely. In other words, you are supposed to take one but there is no fine imposed for non-compliance.

Under French law, drivers are already required to carry a fluorescent vest, warning triangle, replacement headlamp bulbs and a rudimentary first aid kit. The high-viz vest is to be worn if the driver has to step out of the car after breaking down or simply stopping on a busy road.

Documents you should take with you when driving in France

  • Driving licence with paper counterpart if applicable
  • Vehicle registration document (V5) or ‘carte grise’
  • Motor insurance certificate
  • Passport
  • Breakdown cover details
  • Travel insurance details

Driving to France this summer?

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