High-vis cycling gear for people who hate high-vis

High-viz reflective arm warmers

A former professional rider and self-confessed critic of high-vis clothing has developed a range of stylish reflective gear aimed at sporting cyclists.

Ros Clitheroe designed the CARNEY arm warmers to make cycling safer and encourage more women to ride a bike.

The arm warmers have reflective beads embedded into the material which shine like a beacon in the daytime and at night. They don’t need batteries and won’t rub off in the wash.

Pre-order the arm warmers for £25 via Kickstarter.

When the clocks go back next month, thousands of cyclists will scramble for lights and high-vis gear. The good news is that there’s more choice than ever. The latest bicycle light is a flashing water bottle. The Candea Elite uses LEDs and the diffusive properties of water to transform itself into a distinctive flashing beacon.

flashing water bottle

The Candea Elite can be switched between bikes and the base section that contains the LED can easily be removed. As you would expect, the bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The LED can be set to maximum visibility, power saver or blink mode – lasting between one and four hours depending on the setting. We like the novelty of the Candea illuminated bottle, but the tablet-shaped CR2032 batteries always seem wasteful.

Environmentally friendly cycle insurance

On the face of it, one cycle insurance policy is much like another, but the devil is the detail. How much excess you will be charged is just one of the things that varies wildly between providers. Another is so called ‘new-for-old’ replacement – many insurers use this term, but if your bicycle is more than a few years old, devalue it severely. This means you are left out of pocket when you come to replace it. Read our insider guide to cycle insurance.

Furthermore, every cycle insurance policy you buy from us helps support the work of the ETA Trust, our charity campaigning for a cleaner, safer transport future.

ETA cycle insurance has a low standard excess of 5% (minimum £25) and offers a new-for-old for life – however old the bike, if it’s stolen you get enough to buy a new model.

For 25 years we have been providing straightforward, affordable bicycle insurance. Whether you use your bike to commute, shop, race or amble in the park, ETA Cycle Insurance has you covered. We never devalue bikes no matter their age, allow you to buy your replacement bike wherever you like, replace stolen quick release components and handle claims in-house.

The Good Shopping Guide voted us to provide the most ethical insurance in Britain.

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