Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians is commonplace across Europe.

However, alongside Romania, Cyprus, Malta and Ireland, Britain is one of only five European countries with no form of strict liability in place to safeguard vulnerable road users.

strict liability to protect cyclists

Strict liability to protect cyclists

Strict liability makes motorists financially liable for collisions with pedestrians or cyclists. Only when the pedestrian or cyclist is proved to be negligent does the driver avoid paying compensation through their insurance. The principle recognises that the drivers of faster, heavier vehicles have a duty of care, and that if a pedestrian or cyclist is injured in a road traffic collision, injuries or shock may make it difficult for them to accurately recollect the event.

According to the campaign group Roadshare, “Presumed liability in civil law is the proper approach for a mature, socially conscious nation as it addresses the unacceptable human cost of the current system. Under presumed liability, injured vulnerable road users are properly and promptly cared for and not forced to fight for compensation.”

strict liability

The Times this week covered the campaign for strict liability

At present, motor insurers routinely argue for reductions in compensation to vulnerable road users injured in road traffic collisions, even in the face of evidence that their customers are at fault.

Even cities in the home of the car are making law to protect cyclists. Los Angeles city council is one of a number of American cities to being in new laws to protect cyclists against harassment by motorists. Such laws discourage dangerous behaviour toward cyclists and provide another tool with which to prosecute offending drivers.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association said: “If Britain is serious about promoting cycling then it is vital we fall in line with the majority of other European countries and adopt strict liability.”

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