Fontus: self-filling bicycle bottle makes one pint an hour

Fontus is a bicycle water bottle that takes moisture from the air to create safe drinking water.

Fontus bike water bottle

Industrial designer Kristof Retezár has aimed the self-filling bottle at long-distance cyclists. In the right climatic conditions, Fontus produces at least one pint of condensed drinking water every hour.

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Fontus self filling water bottle

UV water purifier

Cyclists with a thirst for adventure and a route that takes them away from sources of potable water can now buy a bottle that uses UV light to purify water in only 60 seconds.

The CamelBak All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier will fit in a standard bicycle water bottle holder and can be used to turn river, well or tap water into a drink that is safe to consume by American EPA standards.

How does it work?

The Camelpak is incredibly simple to use. Once filled with water, a button activates the UV lamp and the bottle needs to be gently shaked until a digital display has counted down 60 seconds.

UV-C (Ultraviolet C) light destroys microbe DNA of all sizes including: bacteria, Protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), and water-borne viruses. Destroying the microbe DNA prevents reproduction. Without the capability of reproducing, the microbes are neutralized and rendered harmless.

The bottle will purify 60 litres of water before it needs to be recharged via its USB port.

If the water source contains visible contaminants such as sand that need to be removed, there is the option to fit a pre-filter or a charcoal filter to improve the taste. The Camelpak All Clear bottle will be available to buy from next month for around £66 ($99.99).

Added protection

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