The pedal-powered mobile library

With 400 libraries around the country under threat of closure, might cash-strapped councils be about to take a leaf out of the Institute of Green Mobility’s book?

Mobile libraries are nothing new, but the Brazilian organisation has found that a tricycle adapted to function as a mobile library is a cost-effective way of getting to the heart of local communities and an informal way of encouraging people to borrow books.

The Bicicloteca tricycle was built to bring books to those with no access to a library or education, or those unable to afford books.

As a non-motorised tricycle, the Bicicloteca is able to carry 150kg of books into the heart of even the most congested towns and cities.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “The Bicicloteca is an imaginative and cost-effective way of encouraging reading among disadvantaged groups –most of us have yet to rediscover how efficient a workhorse the bicycle can be.”

Cargo cycles Four of the best
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