Vehicle Duty Tax Bands 2016

How much road tax will I pay in 2016?

To work out how much vehicle excise duty (commonly referred to as car tax or road tax) you will pay for your car from 1 April 2016, you need to know how much CO2 it emits. You can find this on your vehicle’s V5C registration certificate (log book) or new keeper details section (V5C/2).

Rates for 2017 here

Rates of vehicle tax 2016 (cars registered on, or after, 1 March 2001)

Band CO2 emissions 2016
A up to 100g/km £0
B 101-110g/km £20
C 111-120g/km £30
D 121-130g/km £110
E 131-140g/km £130
F 141-150g/km £145
G 151-160g/km £185
H 161-170g/km £210
I 171-180g/km £230
J 181-200g/km £270
K* 201-225g/km £295
L 226-255g/km £500
M over 255g/km £515
* Band K includes cars that have a CO2 emission figure over 225g/km but were registered before 23 March 2006.


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