What will happen to today’s cars once they’re obsolete?

By the time the entire car fleet has gone electric most of today’s vehicles will have been crushed and reincarnated as toasters, but a few it seems will be live on…as barbecues. or to be entirely accurate ‘carbecues’.

Under the bonnet, the Carbecue features internal combustion in the form of a gas grill. A remote control can be used to operate headlights and a sound system.

In a similar vein comes an electric trike that upcycles the bodywork from a classic 2cv.

With typical Italian design flair, Milan-based bicycle builders Agnelli have styled the front of the cargo trike to look like the iconic Citroen 2CV.

2cv electric trike

The cargo box of the 2CV trike sits on old-fashioned leaf suspension and carries leather satchels and an umbrella on its side.

electric trike, 2CV, cargo bike

Alongside the 2CV electric trike, Agnelli sells a range of electric bicycles styled to look like vintage mopeds.  The use of nostalgia as a marketing tool is tried and tested by car makers, so it makes sense for electric bicycle makers to follow suit. If commuters are to be convinced the electric bicycle is more than a toy for weekends, the answer might be to disguise it as something older, smokier and nosier.


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  1. Mark Beecham


    “Upcycle” mentioned… and that’s a thought for all the internal combustion cars out there.
    Why build complete new Electric cars and send the ICs to the scrap heap?
    Whip out the fossil fuelled engines and shoe-horn in electric motors, and all you’ve had to manufacture is the new powertrain and associated gubbins.
    The body, the chassis, those lovely leather seats you’ve spent years cleaning and looking after… still loads of mileage in them, and no CO2 from manufacturing new; etc. etc. etc.

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