Bicycle roof rack damage: The peril of height restriction bars

car park damage to bicycle

Carrying a bicycle on a roof rack can be a risky business. As a provider of cycle insurance that covers against accidental damage we know all about the perils of car park height restriction bars when you’ve forgotten your bike is on top.

But what if you don’t have a friendly insurance company to put everything right? Raacked is an ultrasonic sensor that sounds an alert when an obstruction approaches your roof-mounted equipment above or behind your vehicle.

Roof rack danger

The small transmitter unit can be placed anywhere on your roof rack and can detect items from 4ft to 12ft away. The receiver unit is then plugged into any device with a USB port.

Raaked has yet to make it to market so in the meantime, insurance remains a safe bet

Protection for you and your bike

A true test of a cycle insurance company is what happens when you make a claim – it’s why we don’t farm out the process to a third party like other providers. Your claim is dealt with by one of us here and you’re always welcome to call us directly. It’s also the reason we will never devalue your bicycle, no matter how old it is.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest cover on the market, but should you ever need to make a claim, you’ll understand why we consider ourselves to be the best. After all, we are judged by The Good Shopping Guide to be Britain’s most ethical provider.




  1. Clive Jones


    Restrictions at indoor car parks and similar are understandable. When they have them at supermarket car parks or country parks it is more unexpected. Another thing to thank our lovely traveler folk for I guess.

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