Zip tie cycle lock to deter opportunist thieves

Z LOK cable tie lock bicycle

They say that every bicycle weighs the same; a lightweight (and by extension, expensive) bike requires a heavy lock whereas its cheap and cheerful cousin (which weighs more) can make do with a lighter version.

If you own a lightweight road bike it’s likely that you often ride without any lock at all, but what to do when you stop for a coffee or loo break? Hoping to solve this particular conundrum is HipLok with its new Z LOK.


The Z LOK is a reusable reinforced zip style tie for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. While the Z LOK might look similar to a conventional zip tie, it features a stainless steel core to deter the opportunistic thief.

We know it’s stating the obvious, but the Z LOK is not rated by Sold Secure and, as such, it’s use as a primary lock will render your cycle insurance policy void. Its designers intend the lock to be used to deter opportunistic thieves when the bike is within your sight.

The Z LOK costs £14.99 for a pair.

Win a pair of Z LOK zip ties

We have a pair of Z LOK zip ties to give away. Leave us a message at the bottom of the page and we will draw a winner at random.

How do thieves steal bikes?

A few years ago, the lock manufacturer Kyrptonite suffered a bout of bad PR when it was alleged its D-Locks could be opened with a modified Bic Biro. The episode called into question the efficacy of many cylindrical-lock products, but in reality most thieves don’t have the time, patience or skill to pick locks – they prefer to cut, freeze or smash them.

A well-equipped and determined bicycle thief can defeat most designs of lock within minutes and with many bikes now worth thousands on the second-hand market, the crime is rife. And when a thief is unable to remove a lock, it is not uncommon for him to vandalise the bike or simply steal parts. Thieves in London this spring have taken to stealing handlebars from road bikes. Once a few control cables are severed, they walk away with bars and shifters worth hundreds of pounds.

The lesson is that even stoutest lock is no replacement for a good cycle insurance policy. Cycle insurance from the ETA includes the theft of parts – get an instant quote.


  1. Stevo


    I love the simplicity of these, they are a nice compromise between a heavy lock and nothing.

  2. Gillian D.


    Z LOK zip tie me up please ETA!

    Cables crossed!

  3. MARK


    These could also be used to supplement larger locks to provide some deterrence for the theft of components, such as saddles. My daughter had a lovely helmet stolen off her bike recently and it’s really annoying!!!

  4. Craig


    I am always petrified of leaving my precious stead anywhere, even for a wee break. Nice idea HipLok.

    Thanks to ETA for the opportunity.

  5. Peter Clark


    True innovation. Great looking product

  6. Mikhail


    Would be great when I need to buy something on a control point during an Audax.

    Fine for a few minutes I believe.

  7. Philip


    I agree with Mark.

    More useful to protect a cycling accessory than your cYcle.
    Let’s face it. Securing with a proper lock takes how many more seconds?
    As for the extra weight….

  8. Huw Thomas


    Especially helmets

  9. Kath


    Would be a useful addition to my usual security. Most probably to secure my helmet instead of lugging it around

  10. Douglas Milsom


    Great idea. Also handy to secure a wheel not protected by the main lock.

  11. Christopher Johnson


    A very useful lightweight addition to a cyclists’ defence against theft. For example, at a cafe when the bike is pretty much nearby throughout, or for securing accessories when you stop and leave the bike.

  12. Susan Lancaster


    My son has been unlucky enough to have several bikes stolen in the notorious hotspot of Cambridge. Despite this, he is cycling more than ever and I’m sure he would appreciate a pair of these!

  13. John thys


    I’d be all tied up with these

  14. Dave Nunn


    Security simplicity. Never be without Z LOK protection!

  15. Fergus Duncanson


    Lightweight lock – a great idea for quick locking. Yes, please.

  16. Gavin


    Handy and can be placed in a pocket… that said my “loo”, as a rule, would be a hedge so not a problem. A cafe is a different proposition altogether.

  17. Helen


    Great idea. Would be super handy for locking my bike outside for school drop off and pick up…

  18. Richard Scrase


    Be good for securing panniers to racks too

  19. Andrew McKellar


    A couple of these would be a useful supplement to my regular lock to secure my luggage when on long cycle tours.

    It’s often not possible to remove luggage when stopping for a break or food and the added security would be reassuring.

  20. Pat


    Gimme gimme gimme a lock after midnight!

  21. Brian Dorsett


    So light, so useful.

  22. Jamie J


    Yep, definitely worth carrying a couple of these around, panniers to rack and front wheel to frame…

  23. Andy


    Well worth having

  24. Stephen


    I can see several potential uses for one of these and would love to try one out. Thanks for the opportunity to win one ETA.

  25. David


    Light weight is clearly the number one feature.

  26. Keith Bichard


    Great for a quick stop.

  27. Sue


    What a simple idea. Wish I had thought of it! Would love an opportunity to try them out.

  28. Isabella Gray


    These look great! 🤞

  29. Jane Collier


    So handy to keep something light in your bag. Would love these please.

  30. mike jupp


    good idea

  31. Mrs Smith


    Yes please! Would be great for securing saddle etc when leaving my bike at the train station.

  32. Darren C


    Very useful for securing your quick-release wheels too.

  33. Greg


    Zipidy do dah.

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