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gripster wall protector

Now the weather has returned to being cold, if your bicycle wants to spend the night inside, you can use a Gripster to protect walls from scratches and scrapes.

However carefully you lean your bike against an inside wall, tell-tale rubber marks and small chips to the plaster or wall paper are hard to avoid. Gripster is a rubber plug that attaches to the end of either a straight or drop handlebar – it helps prevent the bicycle from slipping or leaving marks and other damage.

A built-in magnet allows the Gripster to be stored on a radiator or fridge door when not in use.

Win a Gripster

We have a Gripster to give away. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we will pick a winner next week.


ETA cycle insurance

Ethical cycle insurance

On the face of it, one cycle insurance policy is much like another, but the devil is the detail. How much excess you will be charged is just one of the things that varies wildly between providers. Another is so called ‘new-for-old’ replacement – many insurers use this term, but if your bicycle is more than a few years old, devalue it severely. This means you are left out of pocket when you come to replace it.

With ETA cycle insurance, however old the bike, if it’s stolen you get enough to buy a new model.

For over 29 years we have been providing this kind of straightforward, affordable bicycle insurance. Little wonder The Good Shopping Guide judges us to be Britain’s most ethical insurance company.


  1. Keith


    I’m always being told to get a grip.

  2. inge


    So simple! So efficient! My walls would love one!

  3. sue


    just what i need

  4. Clare Gordon


    Would be perfect for my daughter’s bike which she has to keep in her flat.

  5. johnny faro


    Looks great, does it also make the bike invisible so don’t get told off for leaving it in the house?

  6. Peter Chisnall



  7. Gavin


    Very handy.

  8. Sue


    Just the ticket

  9. Richard Scrase


    Get a grip – yes please

  10. Molly L


    This would be really useful on newly decorated walls. Such a brilliant idea!

  11. Carol W


    I love simple solutions to pesky problems. What a super idea 🙂

  12. Raf


    Would love a gripster for my hipster flatmate and her grubby fixie!

  13. Roger Birchall


    Would keep the rubber marks off the hall way, and as the saying goes ” happy wife happy life” 🚴‍♂️😉

  14. Matt


    Gripster! Genius idea, my walls are already scratched up from leaning too many bikes up!

  15. Peter Clark


    So simple and effective

  16. Susan


    Pretty please x

  17. Ema


    Great ideas as we have 3 bikes indoors.

  18. Francis Voon


    Gip me one!

  19. Gordon May


    I’m gripped.

  20. Jill


    Great idea. No more scuffed handlebars or marked walls

  21. Rob Harris


    Simple and effective – like me!

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