Faema Guerra cycling top up for grabs

faema guerra cycling top

Spring is in the air so in its honour we have this Faema Guerra retro cycling top in medium to give away.

The top is worth £70 and boasts lightweight polyester for incredible comfort and breathability in warmer weather. To be in with a chance of winning the top, please leave a comment below.

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  1. MARK


    Really lovely jersey. It would go just perfectly with my classic racing bike for the various classic cycle events I’ve got planned this coming year.

  2. Stephen D.


    What a classy looking, retro jersey. It still looks fabulous in comparison to modern pro team jerseys.

    Thanks for the opportunity to own one ETA.

  3. Craig


    Che bella maglia.

    Italian styling at its very best.

  4. Gillian


    Faema Guerra was one of the very top professional teams in their day and their jersey is a beauty!

    Fingers crossed.


  5. Stephen


    What a classy looking retro jersey. It still looks fabulous in comparison to modern pro teams’ jerseys.

    Thanks for the opportunity to own one ETA.

  6. Stevo


    A modern take on a classic design, very nice. Just what I need for Eroica. Seriously considering growing a handlebar moustache as well….. 😉

  7. Carol W


    Spring has spring here. Almost time for the short sleeves with retro look 🙂

  8. Robert Nunney


    Here comes the sun.

  9. Graham Corfield


    Is this the 1956 jersey? If so a year before i was born!! Would be awesome to be riding around in this classic!!

  10. Adam Claridge


    Faem at last!

  11. Philip


    Nice colour to match my cYcle

  12. Andrew


    Everyone laughs at my cycle jerseys – but this looks awesome.

    ETA, love how you’re fighting the good fight to convert us all to healthier and safer transport (Please give me the jersey. Did I mention I’ve had my Brompton bike insurance with you for many years – it’s great value, and great cover…!)

  13. Peter Clark


    Would look good on my fuller figure

  14. Vincent Procter


    It’d go nicely with my retro sideburns 😊.

  15. Curlylid


    Perfect, I’ve always wanted a jersey that matched my eyes

  16. Douglas Milsom


    i’d love this to be my first successful try for one of your excellent gifts.

  17. Lance Woodman


    Superb jersey.

  18. Rob


    Nice hi-vis colour – I would love to have one!

  19. Jim Woodlingfield


    A new jersey would be a springtime treat, great colour and classic styling.

  20. Gavin


    I really need this Faema jersey to go with the cotton cap I have of the same genre 🙂 please.

  21. John Long


    This jersey would look great riding on the back lanes as I ride around the Corrèze in France (where it’s much safer than here).

  22. Greg


    I love it xxxx

  23. Matt blackmore


    Love it!

  24. James Russell


    I got tan lines on my arms yesterday. In February!!

  25. Darren C


    Lovely looking jersey, very stylish, it would give me that extra incentive to lose the bulging belly I have grown over the winter months.

  26. Steve


    After many cold rides, recent afternoon temperatures have reminded me that warmer cycling weather is coming and this jersey would make a very welcome addition to my kit.

    (Cold) fingers crossed!

  27. Paul


    Lovely Jersey, pick me!!

  28. Pat


    Just got into cycling. I have no cycling clothes yet, but this could be the start of something big for me…

  29. Stu


    Love retro, gimme gimme gimme 😀

  30. Andy


    A bang tidy top. Would look the bees knees on me as i pass you on my ebike😉😆

  31. Peter S


    I would really like this – although I would have to buy an Italian bike and the garage is already full!

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