carryyymy: What a carry on

carryyygum bike storage

Like all the best ideas, carryyygum is simple. A variation of the humble bungee cord, the device straps to three points on your bicycle’s handlebars or frame to safely secure smaller items like clothes, books, a newspaper, handbag, parcel, lunchbox etc.

carryyygum bicycle storage

The idea for carryyygum was born as its creator Carl was riding through Munich carrying a magazine and ping-pong rackets in one hand

Win yourself a carryyygum 

We have an orange carryyygum to give away. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page and let us know what you’d use it to carry.

Why such a carry on about panniers?

British cyclists seem reluctant to fit mudguards, let alone panniers, so imaginative answers to the challenge of how to carry stuff by bike are to be welcomed.

For example, the Packtasche is a set of reusable panniers made from cardboard designed to be offered by supermarkets to their cycling customers. German designers Philipp Moherndl and Matthias Lechner claim the panniers can safely carry 12 kg of shopping and can be used numerous times before they are recycled.

Packtasche cardboard panniers for bicycles

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  1. Carol W


    Excellent idea!

  2. Anne


    Cardboard panniers – doesn’t it rain in Germany?
    There’s no substitute for proper waterproof panniers, last for 20 years, carry lots more than 12kg, fasten securely so the groceries don’t fall out as you hit the pot-holes.

  3. Phil


    I would use it to keep my head screwed on otherwise I would most certainly forget it

  4. Peter Clark


    I’d use it for my iPad. Suitably waterproofed in a bag of course

  5. Johnny Faro


    I’d use it when as usual I over estimate what I can fit in the panniers on my bike

  6. Robert Nunney


    I’d use it to carry my lunch to work.

  7. Mark B


    This would be a great pannier overflow!

  8. Greg


    Bands for books

  9. Phil


    There was a young man from Spain
    Who cycled to work come sunshine or rain
    His load in a rucksack
    Gave him a sweaty back
    Yippee, now he lets his “carryyygum” take the strain!

  10. robert p Griffiths-garrod


    Panniers are better but these would be handy

  11. Jim Woodlingfield


    My panniers got a hole in from transporting too many work papers… I’d use it to strap my waterproofs on if the sin came out!

  12. Richard Scrase



  13. Diane Whateley


    I’d use it for shopping when I’d overestimated my pannier’s capacity!

  14. Gillian Watling


    Very interesting idea, I’d love to give one a go around town. Thanks ETA.

  15. MARK


    The caryyygum could be great for unplanned and / or small loads. I hate sweaty backs from rucksacks and heavy pannier racks.


  16. David


    Ingenious and simple, just like the bicycle.

  17. Julie Lang


    Have you seen what they manage to load on a bicycle in India, gas cylinders, even chickens! Would this work for those loads?!

  18. Tim Earl


    “A variation of the humble bungee cord, the device straps to three points on
    your bicycle’s handlebars or frame”

    I actually use a humble bungee cord. It’s a device that straps to as many (or few) points on my bicycle’s handlebars or frame as I need, and secures large items as well as small ones.

  19. frank


    Just what I need to keep my route map in place whilst finding my way to new places in my city or cross country in the dales on my mountain bike 😀

  20. Karl Wallendszus


    This looks like an ideal way to transport a pizza!

  21. margaret turner


    I’d use it to carry dry dead gorse which we use for lighting the fire under our Kelly kettle on our Growers’ Co-operative field (tucked into an old birdseed bag – they’re tough and would protect my fingers!)

  22. James Russell


    I carry home my purchases from Clean Kilo in a cardboard box on the back of my bike. Inside the box (re-used from a Christmas Hamper gift) are various metal boxes containing rice, pasta, etc, and glass jars containing honey. I would use panniers, but that seems a little plastic for a plastic-free shopping experience. However, the box is not designed to be carried on a bike, and can be a little precarious on the top of the rear rack. Got home last time with the whole arrangement at 90° to the frame. Fortunately nothing spilt, but NO ONE bothered to tell me!!!

  23. Steve


    CARRY ON cycling and “Stop Messing About!” [Kenneth Williams would have loved one!)

  24. Toity Deave


    Pizza, map, friends’ stuff who don’t have a pannier…the list is endless. Yes, please!

  25. Elspeth Davies


    I’d be a little concerned about the security of something attached to the bike with one of these, but I imagine they are well designed, so I’m open to test ride one PLEASE? 🙂

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