Cable tie on steroids doubles as lightweight cycle lock


They say that every bicycle weighs the same; a lightweight (and by extension, expensive) bike requires a heavy lock to keep it safe from thieves whereas its cheap and cheerful cousin (which weighs more) can make do with a lighter version.

If you own a lightweight road bike it’s likely that you often ride without any lock at all, but what to do when you stop for a coffee or a loo break. Hoping to solve this particular conundrum is HipLok with its Z LOK.

Z LOK cable tie lock bicycle

The Z LOK is a reusable reinforced zip style tie for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. While the Z LOK might look similar to a conventional zip tie, it features a stainless steel core to deter the opportunistic thief.

We know it’s stating the obvious, but the Z LOK is not rated by Sold Secure and, as such, it’s use as a primary lock will render your cycle insurance policy void. Its designers intend the lock to be used to deter opportunistic thieves when the bike is within your sight.

The Z LOK costs £14.99 for a pair.

Win a pair of Z LOK zip ties

We have a pair of Z LOK zip ties to give away. Leave us a message at the bottom of the page and we will draw a winner at random next week.

How do thieves steal bikes?

A few years ago, the lock manufacturer Kyrptonite suffered a bout of bad PR when it was alleged its D-Locks could be opened with a modified Bic Biro. The episode called into question the efficacy of many cylindrical-lock products, but in reality most thieves don’t have the time, patience or skill to pick locks – they prefer to cut, freeze or smash them.

A well-equipped and determined bicycle thief can defeat most designs of lock within minutes and with many bikes now worth thousands on the second-hand market, the crime is rife. And when a thief is unable to remove a lock, it is not uncommon for him to vandalise the bike or simply steal parts. Thieves in London this spring have taken to stealing handlebars from road bikes. Once a few control cables are severed, they walk away with bars and shifters worth hundreds of pounds.

The lesson is that even stoutest lock is no replacement for a good cycle insurance policy. Cycle insurance from the ETA includes the theft of parts and has an excess of only 5 per cent. See a full list of everything that is included or get an instant quote.

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  1. Anna



  2. John thys


    Better safe than sorry

  3. Lance Woodman


    These are a great idea

  4. John thys


    Better save than sorry

  5. Kath


    A useful addition to the security options

  6. Chris


    A handy ‘don’t leave home without one’ whenever you make that unplanned stop. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

  7. Jane B


    Sounds ideal. I’d love to try one.

  8. Chris


    An excellent idea for lightweight securing of your bike when you’re near it & in sight of it.

  9. Helen


    Perfect for locking the kids’ bikes at school without them being weighed down by big locks.

  10. steve


    At that price, they’re a steal!

  11. Gavin


    Proper job… I look forward to receiving them in the post.

  12. Huw Thomas


    Z lok it.

  13. Carol W


    Excellent idea

  14. Bob H


    Just the thing for a quick zip to the shops!

  15. Peter S


    Zip and go – great idea.

  16. Andy



  17. Graham Corfield


    Super lightweight lock!! Great idea. Who wouldnt want one of these??

  18. Steve K


    Don’t leave home without one. Yes please!

  19. Francis Voon


    I’d like to Zlock my bike.

  20. Derek


    What a great idea. I often forget my lock, so being able to carry one of these all time would be perfect.

  21. Mike Croker


    Neat lock!

  22. Vick


    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay
    My oh my what a wonderful day
    Hope one of these is headed my way

  23. FT


    Will also lock my panniers when riding!

  24. GG Leviathan


    What a genius idea. And one that’s perfect for my kids’ bikes, especially on days when we want to leave the bikes in the playground or schoolyard to go off and play without lugging along a D-lock that weighs more than my three-year-old. Yes, please!

  25. Mike H


    They would probably be pretty good for tying the bike on to the car cycle carrier too.

  26. Pat


    I’d really like one for my son’s bike if at all possible.

  27. Jim Woodlingfield


    A handy lightweight lock for when nature calls.

  28. richard


    tie me in

  29. Glynis brewer


    Whoa, this is supercosmic 🤗🤗!

  30. Fergus Duncanson


    Sounds ideal; even carry one in your pocket?

  31. Nicette Ammar


    I think I need one of these.

  32. Richard Newman


    I could see myself as a HipLOkster.

  33. craig


    Neat idea, YES PLEASE!

    Thanks again to ETA for the opportunity.

  34. Gillian Davies


    Had my favourite helmet stolen off my parked bike recently in Cambridge…… 🙁

    I can also see a use for these in securing accessories to the bike when parked up outside shops.

    Nice idea!

  35. Darren C


    Just the job for locking each wheel to the frame.

  36. Raf


    these will keep the wheels from coming off (while the bike is parked)!

  37. David Hunt


    This is a fantastic lock thats fit in a pocket for the cafe stop; I’d love to win one.

  38. Stephen D.


    Anything which frustrates the evil bike thief, if only a little bit, is fine for me.

    I hate carrying a heavy D lock around with me, so this looks like a good idea.

  39. Mark


    Loads of potential uses. The café stop is only one. It would be nice to use it as an additional lock to a more substantial one as well. Good for attaching accessories

  40. stevo


    Knowing that any lock is breakable by a determined thief, it’s got to be worthwhile giving one of these a try as a “better than nothing” deterrent.

  41. Harry Cripps


    Sounds ideal for short stops and when one’s forgotten the conventional lock.

  42. Wayne Fox


    Very TIEdy Idea!

  43. Ray Smith


    Use as trouser clips while riding, and as double locks while in the café.

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