Your Christmas tree has nothing on these lights…

win bicycle spoke lights

We bought a few sets of these coloured LED bicycle spoke lights via an advertisement on Twitter and very much on a seasonally-inspired whim (so we can’t vouch for their quality), but if what they promise is true, your bicycle will look every inch the mobile Christmas tree.

According to the packaging, installation is as easy as clipping them to your spokes…and switching them on. Once you reach a speed of 25km/h (about 15mph) 32 individual LED lights rotate fast enough to allow the human eye to work its magic and interpret them as colourful and kaleidoscopic patterns.  We have two front and rear sets to giveaway – fit them to your own bike for a flamboyant commute in dreary January or put them under the tree for a loved one.

bicycle spoke lights

Win a set of kaleidoscopic bicycle wheel lights

To be in with a chance of winning a set of these lights, worth £30, simply leave us a message below. We ‘ll be posting them in time for Christmas.

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  1. Anna


    These look lovely and festive. Yes plesse

  2. Joel


    Merry Christmas, ETA. Have a wheelie good time. Let’s get lit.

  3. Simon


    These would make a swell Christmas present for someone in my family.

    Yes please!

  4. Alastair Seagroatt


    I could give them as a wee pressie to a pal who rides a lot at night

  5. John W Davidson


    I’d love a set to give away as a present.

  6. Chris


    A brilliant idea for a light fantastic ride to lift the spirits and brighten the dim and dark of Winter

  7. Matt blackmore


    Light my fire please!

  8. Fran McLean


    Absolutely fabulous! Best way to cycle – lit up like a Christmas Tree.

  9. Bob


    with these they’d struggle to say “its lights may have been on but I didn’t see the bike”

  10. Judy Aplin


    My cycle mad Grandson would love this, and I would feel he was safer.

  11. Alan Jones


    I won’t see sense with these

  12. Daniel Parry


    These sound good fun and you’ll certainly be noticed out on the road!

  13. Richard Dakin


    Wow just what I am looking for to jazz up my ride!

  14. Helen


    These look brilliant. My little boy will absolutely looove being on the back of the bike with these on…

  15. Paul Magnall


    If I had these on my bike no one would have an excuse for not seeing me!

  16. Pat Hagen


    Just what I need to cheer up my dark commute

  17. Mary Lloyd


    These would be a fab pressy for my Breeze riders!

  18. Jane Collier


    Would brighten up the Old Kent Road on a miserable winter evening!

  19. Andy Brown


    I hope I can pedal fast enough to reach 15mph!

    These would be great for Light Night Leeds

  20. Clare Henry


    I would love some lights please for my friend Hilary on her way back from the allotment. She’ll brighten up the bridle path for all travellers.

  21. steve


    That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I light it! (uh huh, uh huh!)

  22. greg


    I want those!!!

    Joyeux noel!

  23. Gavin


    Cosmic !

  24. Huw Thomas


    Match the Christmas lights riding down the high st.

  25. Craig Scott-Angell


    Get seen while being fun at the same time… I love them!

  26. Mark Bobbitt


    Oh yes please!

  27. Susan


    Woohoo Brilliant- they’d get the grandchildren off my back worrying about me being out in the dark. x

  28. Peter Chisnall



  29. Steve


    If I was lucky enough to win some of these lights, my trail would light up the cycle lanes rivalling Santa Claus and his reindeers.

  30. Kathy C


    Great present but really fancy them for dark/night time cycling myself !

  31. Andy


    Very festive

  32. Peter Clark


    Very pretty!

  33. Derek


    Awesome lights for an awesome Christmas!

  34. Claire


    I’d love these! But might have to give them to my beloved instead…!

  35. Kerena F


    I am obviously far more selfish than most of the people who have posted so far. I totally want these for myself – not only will they look amazing & festive but surely even the worst of drivers couldn’t claim SMIDSY with these?!

  36. Mike Croker



  37. Karen


    Cheer those drivers my daughter commutes with and keep her safer too. Starring!

  38. FT


    Wheely wonderful!

  39. GG Leviathan


    These would brighten up my husband’s commute to work – and keep him safe, especially from vehicles approaching from the side. The more lights, the merrier – especially as this time of year!

  40. Emma Griffiths


    Cosmic man

  41. Jim Woodlingfield


    Wow they look like great fun, the kids would love them when we go out with the trailer!

  42. Malcolm Kimber


    My U3A cycling group would be impressed if I turned up with these for our Christmas lunch!

  43. Alison


    This would brighten up the country lanes in Lincolnshire.

  44. frank


    For Close encounters with Extra Terrestrials

  45. Adrian Wicks


    Really Great, get myself a set of these the youths at the academy will laugh at the old guy cycling past.

  46. Glynis brewer


    Woohoo, I can’t wait!

  47. Darren C


    Brillaint – Merry Christmas to all at ETA, fingers crossed you’ll keep these great prizes coming in 2019.

  48. Phoebe


    Hope I win 🙂

  49. Raf


    look wonderful and will surely keep me safer at night!

  50. Douglas Milsom


    Beautifully understated !!!!! I love them!

  51. Ben Young


    How Christmassy!

  52. Wayne Fox


    S-o D-I-S-C-O !

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