Stop Killing Our Children

Road danger

We aim to raise £10,000 to make a film about the road danger in Britain that kills and injures over 16,000 kids every year and poisons air for millions more.

STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN will put a spotlight on the institutionalised apathy towards road deaths that sees 24,000 people killed or seriously injured every year on British roads.

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Why we are crowdfunding to make this film

We know what it takes to build healthy and safe cities; there’s an abundance of wisdom and experience out there. The reason we tolerate the child deaths highlighted a the top of this page, the air pollution and the huge financial burden caused by motorised traffic isn’t a lack of knowledge – it’s a shameful lack of political will.

By coming together to fund this film, we can send a unified message that we no longer wish to tolerate road danger.

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Here at the Environmental Transport Association Trust (Registered charity number 1098625) we see a future world in which travelling means seeing and enjoying the world around you; feeling safe when leaving the house; and celebrating what’s on our own doorstep. We think this world looks pretty good, but there is much to do to make it possible. Over the years, we’ve helped found Green Transport Week, the Twenty’s Plenty campaign, Car Free Day and the Green Car Buyers Guide. Some of our other current projects include campaigning for safe crossings outside schools, 20 mph speed limits and the delivery of roadshows to active travel. The STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN project represents our fight against road danger in all its forms.

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