Step up your cycling socks game with autumnal colours

cool cycling socks

A change of season surely justifies a new pair of cycling socks.

The new socks Skyline Hibernate design by DeFeet is 60% Nylon, 39% COOLMAX EcoMade and 1% Lycra, but best of all are its autumnal colours.

We have one pair (see main image above) worth £22 to give away. (Shoe size EU 40-42.5, Women 8.5-10.5, Men 7-9)

Leave us a message at the bottom of this page and let us know why you’re deserving of them and we’ll pick a winner next week.

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  1. Lance Woodman


    I get cold feet

  2. Steve


    Love the jazzy colours!

  3. Richard Scrase


    Lush – yes please – even if they will be nicked by the partner

  4. Simon


    I deserve a pair of these because every single one of my fave pairs of cycling socks has at least one hole in them now 🙃🙏

  5. Greg


    Hoping my rides not as hilly as the socks

  6. Les Gunbie


    My son cycles to volleyball each week, and comes out after playing on the sand with cold feet. He could use a pair of decent socks, they’ve mostly got holes in them as he’s grown a foot (taller, not an extra one – or he’d be needing three socks!) in the past six months. And these look rather snazzy!

  7. James Booth


    Those colours are brilliant. I always wear my socks pulled all the way up. Otherwise, you can’t see the bright colours or patterns on them.

  8. Jamie J


    Definitely putting my best foot forward for these…

  9. Mike Croker


    Green ones would work well with my green recumbent bike, especially as I wear sandals for most of the year. (PS: yes, I do have a beard 😆 )

  10. Carol W


    Ooh love the colours in the main photo. Would be a lovely match with my cycling shoes. A new pair of non-holey socks just in time for autumn 🙂

  11. Fergus Duncanson


    Ah yes! I really fancy the red ones.

  12. Matt blackmore


    Autumn days need autumn socks!

  13. Dom


    DeFeet are DeBest and these are great colours to brighten up autumnal cycling. Would love a pair

  14. Peter Clark


    Please. My feet are cold. And colourless

  15. Brian D


    Just what I need for the change of season

  16. Francis Voon


    I’ll be seen from afar.

  17. Frank


    Sock it to me,
    Sock it to me,
    Sock it to me,
    I’ll fee-eel good,
    With a pair of these socks on!

  18. Alastair Seagroatt


    Would definitely brighten up a dull autumn day!

  19. Gary McMahon


    Looking at the dodgy shoes whoever is wearing those socks in your picture is definitely not going cycling. But I am so please pass them on!

  20. Shahbaz Chaudhury


    Oh I’d like these socks, wouldn’t I? Oh Shahbaz!

  21. Paul M


    Holy socks Batman, those socks would go brilliantly with my cycling costume!

  22. Roger Birchall


    I would love a pair of these!,
    they would also be great for anyone cycling behind me this Autumn!, one glance at my
    Snazzy Socks would immediately make them forget the grey skies above and think of those glorious “Blue skies of summer” and those Sweet rolling hills!!! ahhh!

  23. Phil



  24. Steve D.


    I desperately deserve these cos my children keep telling me I need to jazz myself up, a lot! 🙂

    There are some lovely designs here, fingers crossed for a more colourful commute.

  25. Craig Young


    I don’t do the dark, subtle colours when I’m riding because I prefer the more colourful, brighter ones as I think it helps visibility in low light conditions. There are some absolute belters here from DeFeet!!

  26. MARK


    I ride every day, all year round to work and I am forever running out of clean socks. Never had as beautiful as pair as these ones though.

  27. stevo


    These beauties would provide the brightening up that my life needs as we head into the gloomy months. Yes PLEASE ETA!?

  28. Susan


    The impression I will give wearing these – well what more can I say!

  29. stephen


    Great safety feature! These would be a wonderful boost to my visibility to drivers.

  30. Toity


    I would stand out nicely for those lorry drivers to see me that pass on my way south from the Severn Bridge

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