Reduce, reuse, recycle: Plastic bottle shower

plastic bottle shower

If you have to buy a plastic bottle of water, the best thing to do with it is re-use it. It’s the reason we love the bottle shower – a rose attachment that simply twists into place on all narrow neck plastic bottles. When the bottle is upturned the device delivers a constant flow without any need for squeezing. A two-litre bottle holds enough water for a shower lasting almost two-and-a-half minutes and a water left in a plastic bottle for an hour or so can become surprisingly warm.

The list of uses for the bottle shower is long. As well as a camp shower, we think it would be great for rinsing hands and feet on the beach or washing dog paws after a muddy walk.

bottle shower

Win a bottle shower

We have a Bottleshower to give away. Leave a message at the bottom of the page letting us know how you’d use one and we’ll pick a winner next week.

  • Shower head that fits most water bottles
  • 2 litre bottle delivers a 2-minute, 24-second shower
  • Comes complete with a hanging cord
  • Includes a Loc-Top bag for storage

Why it’s important to reduce, reuse and recycle

If you include power plant cooling water, it takes seven litres of water simply to manufacture a one-litre bottle. To that environmental cost you can add the 162g of oil required to make the plastic, all the associated CO2 emissions and the millions of tons of land fill or ocean waste to which the bottled water industry contributes.

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  1. Jamie J


    That could be an essential item for keeping clean on the longer, more isolated bike tour… you can spray that again!

  2. Inge


    At festivals and bike trips for sure! Flower pots will be happy with it too!

  3. Stuart Young


    What an excellent idea for wild camping…simple, effective and environmentally friendly.

  4. Al Reed


    Water good idea!

  5. John Davidson


    These look great! I’d love one of these to use during my boot-camp session in this hot weather. Nothing better than a cool shower during a work-out.

  6. David Cole


    As registered disabled, I am currently having a wet room installed, so a shower is a distant memory, this looks great it would enable me to wash my hair while sat on my perching stool in the garden 👍

  7. Carol W


    Such a simple idea. Fantastic. Nice and fresh.

  8. Charles


    Off camping soon – would love one of these for the kids (and me)

  9. Penny Price


    Another good use is in the green house, I have a more primitive version, plastic cap on a 4 litre milk bottle pierced with a hot skewer, which I use for watering seedlings as they prefer small gentle drops rather than the steady stream from a watering can. ONe of these gadgets would give an even better spray than my improvised version. I have been using the same bottle and cap for 2 years now.

  10. Christopher


    Great for cooling-down after a long hot ride

  11. James Russell


    Love the idea. Just don’t let it near my child. I’m sure he will think of another use for it!

  12. Jane Griffiths


    I definitely need to get myself a few of these, so many uses: rinsing off muddy boots before getting back into the car, and after rinsing off the muddy paws – how happy would my husband be with a nice clean car!!! It would then be brilliant in the garden for rinsing my muddy hands and boots, rinsing the freshly picked vegetables, and watering the delicate seeds and seedlings – Fantastic!!!

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