Road flares for car breakdown protection

road flare for car breakdown

If you are unlucky to suffer a car breakdown, common sense dictates that you switch on your vehicle’s hazard lights before getting yourself and your passengers to a place of safety while you wait for recovery. LED road flares offer an additional way of minimising the risk of your vehicle being struck by an inattentive driver.

At just 10cm in diameter and 3.5cm high, the Nordstrand Emergency LED Flare is small enough to keep in your driver’s door. In fact, it’s so small and light, you can carry it while cycling or hiking. The flare emits a full 360° of ultra-bright light that it is claimed can be seen up to 10 miles away.

road flares for car breakdown

The emergency flare is shock, vibration, and water-resistant and it can be used in three ways. Placing it on the ground allows the flare to work like a lighthouse illuminating the surrounding road surface. Alternatively, its magnetic base allows it to be stuck to any metallic surface such as your car’s bodywork. Finally, a hook allows it to be suspended if need be.

Win a road flare

We have three road flares to give away. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll pick three winners early next week.

Environmentally friendly breakdown cover

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We handpick only the best local mechanics and garages around Britain to send out if you break down. We believe this way of working is efficient, environmentally friendly and helps supports local communities and economies, too.

On top of this, we offset the carbon emissions of the recovery trucks that go out to assist you, reducing the impact your breakdown has on our environment. Every breakdown policy you buy helps fund the work of our charity, the ETA Trust, which campaigns for a safer, cleaner transport future.



  1. Paul


    Hey Cool, great safety idea !


  2. Richard


    Breakdown? Funny, since using ETA I rarely do

  3. adrian price


    these flares looking an excellent safety idea

  4. Stuart Griffiths


    Very bright and a great idea.

  5. Geoffrey Cherry


    I gave up my licence and car some years ago now as i deemed myself a danger to other road users,and now have a large road Mobility scooter, as i am disabled for my transport, for me the road flairs, sound ideal to make myself more visible at night, on my trips back from the Hospital’ appointments.

  6. Keith McRae


    Sweet, I think I might have to get some of these. My car is awash with winter things at the moment, working in Ski Hire and driving some of the highest roads in Scotland. I’m well used to the drifts, but currently, the council are a bit useless at clearing them

  7. Jim Clark


    Nice idea and would certainly warn other road users but I understand the problem with broken down vehicles is that other drivers are drawn to the vehicle almost as if they are hypnotised by it, that’s why it’s dangerous to remain close to the vehicle. Whether these lights would wake drivers up and prevent them doing this remains to be seen, I hope they do.

  8. George


    Great idea.

  9. Athol Bowman


    What a brilliant idea. I had not seen these before.
    Much more effective in the dark than a reflective triangle.
    Even if ido t win I’m going to get some!

  10. Polly Burton



  11. John thys


    Good idea could be the light of my life

  12. Peter Dowse


    Anything that will help prevent someone ploughing into you has got to be worth while

  13. Jon Vamplew


    Seen by a far a Flare for the dark side of the day.

  14. Gemma



  15. Gavin


    A very neat and innovative idea. It really could save a life if you’re unfortunate to breakdown on a unlit road… or, for that matter, it may even prevent someone ploughing into the rear of your car if broken down on the hard-shoulder of the motorway.

  16. Carole


    Fantastic safety gadget useful for night time breakdowns!

  17. Tony Jones


    Look like tea lights – would love some

  18. Steve K


    A great idea – could be very useful

  19. Lianne


    This would make my super safety conscious other half very happy!

  20. Vincent


    These would be good for my wife, a nighttime community nurse.

  21. Peter Clark


    One of the most innovative things I’ve ever seen ETA promote

  22. Martin Meteyard


    Great idea – I want one!

  23. Fergus Duncanson


    A fine idea – even better than carrying a spare rear bike light!

  24. Johnny Faro


    Dearest ETA. Your in the about 3% of emails I don’t just delete. I’d like to win some of your competitions please. Ta

  25. Phil


    A bright idea

  26. Andrew


    What an excellent idea. Similar to the red triangles but better for winter weather.

  27. Rory Harkins


    Nice idea.

  28. Steven


    Brilliant idea; I’d strap that to my bike to get extra visibility…you can never be too safe!!

  29. Roger Birchall


    Great idea!, would be great to carry around the dark country lanes on the way to work

  30. Colin


    Looks good do they do other colours?

  31. Stewart Kerr


    A welcome addition to a high vis vest and warning triangle that every motorist should carry.

  32. Sean Moran


    Brilliant idea, where can I get some?

  33. Peter Ramsbottom


    That sounds a very useful addition to the safety kit for my Motorcycle Panniers.

    In case of a breakdown we would not have the protection of a metal shell around us, and any extra help to warn other road users of our predicament would be most welcome.!

  34. Ted


    Superb bit of kit; just the job for good warning on our winding Mid Wales roads.

  35. Greg Forums


    Good idea

  36. Mike Croker


    Looks like a bright idea!

  37. David Hunt


    Simple and effective device; I’d use in so many ways, but just if I had a breakdown in the car.

  38. Philip


    Better than a reflective triangle

  39. Steve Downing


    They look great, where can you buy them? They look like you could never have too many.

  40. Peter Chisnall



  41. Esme Zarins


    Good idea, I would love one for the car to keep us safe if we have a breakdown.

  42. Christina


    Very useful, great invention

  43. Matt blackmore


    Shine a light on me!

  44. Darren C


    A good idea, especially as it saves draining your vehicle battery if you are stranded for several hours overnight.

  45. Chris



  46. Lorraine Webster


    Wow, great Idea, I have never seen anything like this before. I often thought about using the press lights that you can buy for dark cupboards. But these are fantastic. If I am not lucky enough to win I will have to buy some even for the dark cupboards

  47. Greg


    Flarely good idea.
    A flare with flair.

  48. DougMilly


    I like this idea, but hope that I’m not too late to get in the queue! If they could also temporarily disable the oncoming driver’s mobile as well, it would work even better!

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