Smart street lights dim when nobody’s about

street lights

Highway 155 near Hole in Norway is no ordinary road. At night, 220 of its lamp posts operate at 20 per cent of their strength – increasing to full capacity only when radars detect approaching road users.

Norwegian company Comlight has developed the Motion Sensing Street Lighting system to reduce the wasteful consumption of energy. The 9 km trial site saves 2100 kWh per week meaning the tech is expected to pay for itself within 5 years.

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  1. DougMilly


    I wonder whether the radar only picks up vehicles, or does it detect human beings and other animals? This could be useful in some of our currently well lit residential roads, especially where the all night lighting is under threat.
    I’m also curious to know if the savings are achieved with LED lighting, or with older tech. lights.

  2. Michael Davis


    If you listen to the commentary, he does say that they are LED lamps. I doubt if other types of lamp would react quickly enough to turn on before a vehicle approaches. As you probably know, LED lamps respond more quickly to current than older types, even more quickly than filament lamps.

  3. whobiggs


    Very interesting but to me it looks fine on 20% so that would save even more!

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