Print your city: Let’s bring back the public bench

print your city

As online shopping slowly erodes independent shops, our towns and cities are becoming increasingly homogenised. Furthermore, the important community spaces that existed not only to shop, but to meet, to use a public loo or to simply sit on a bench and watch the world go by are becoming ever more desolate as trees, public conveniences and benches are removed.

Print Your City! uses large-scale 3D printers to transform urban plastic waste into meaningful objects for the built environment. The group works to create so-called ‘closed loops’ for plastic by involving local communities in the literal shaping of their surroundings.

The technology of 3D printing enables closing the material loop of plastic with a short recycling path and a zero waste production process.

The throw-away lifestyle of contemporary cities has increased the demand for single use plastic packaging and plastic waste. In Amsterdam alone, residents generate an average 23kg of plastic waste per person annually (2015); enough to 3D print one bench for every 2 people every year.

print your city recycled street furniture

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