The three-storey micro house that squats on a car parking space

tikku micro house

Parking charges and residents’ permits rarely, if ever, reflect the real estate value of the land or road space occupied by the car. And yet, it’s an issue that drivers feel extremely strongly about.

Earlier this year we built a fake skip in which to store bicycles, but so angry were some drivers that we were temporarily replacing a single car parking space with storage for eight bicycle that they threatened to run us over. Just as well for architect Marco Casagrande then that the Finnish public are more open-minded with regards to parking spaces because latest project involves building a three-storey house on the footprint of one.

tikku micro house

The Tikku house was built for Helsinki Design Week and has a work area on the first floor, a bedroom upstairs, and a small greenhouse/living space at the top.
The diminutive dwelling boasts a dry toilet and solar power, it has no running water or kitchen – the rationale is that its location enables easy access to food and water.

The Tikku houses units starts at £31,000. The price does not include delivery or a plot of land. Now, where did I put my residents’ parking permit?

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  1. John Holiday


    Brilliant innovation! We could make a major impact on housing shortage by utilising such imaginative ideas.
    However so many people are reluctant to get away from bricks & mortar.

  2. eddie white


    If you look at your comment about the drivers reaction to your skip store for bikes you see something that there seems to be more of every day, cars/van driving creating a form of madness. the selfsame people away from the car/van would be very unlikely to react in such an aggressive way, let alone threatening to kill anyone. Maybe some doctor could explain why being in a car/van whatever makes people so angry

  3. Matt Hodges


    Sounds a great idea but there is a fatal flaw:- You need to have a residence to get your residents parking permit.

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