The electric car that’s cheaper to buy than a scooter

electric car cheaper than a scooter

GM has launched an electric city car that costs £3,829, which is less than it costs to buy a 125cc Vespa scooter.

With both France and Britain planning a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, the question on many a driver’s lips is how I afford an expensive electric vehicle. The cheapest Nissan Leaf costs £26,680 including the government grant. By contrast, the equivalent-sized Ford Fiesta costs £6,500 less.

The E100 has been launched in China by the General Motors Baojun division. With a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 62mph, the tiny car is perfectly suited to city dwellers who cannot swap their car for other modes of transport.

e100 electric car interior

With a wheelbase and height of around 1.6 m, the compact E100 comfortably seats up to two adults. And with a turning radius of 3.7 metres, can squeeze into the tightest spots with ease.

The E100 has an independent front-wheel suspension and despite its low price, its features include anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, electric power steering, an electronic parking brake, parking sensors, ISOFIX locks for child safety seats and a pedestrian alert system.

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  1. tony marshall


    On this particular issue I’m very glad that I’m not the one who has got to announce a ban on the production of petrol /diesel cars. Most people realise more has to be done to protect the planet from us humans, but there has to be a massive increase in the efficiency of batteries and the means by which they are recharged, I for one would be very upset if I were limited to say 100 miles maximum single journey and unless I were rich a struggle to get to anywhere to recharge my batteries. I think a lot more research is needed before we are threatened with the death of our fossil fuel powered vehicles!

  2. Andrew Harmsworth


    At that price, surely they must be ‘charging’ a monthly fee to lease the battery?

    • Deedee


      When will this be coming to the UK?

  3. Steve Dimmock


    Where can I’m buy one?

  4. Claudio


    Like to import one to buy how

  5. Jennifer


    Can you convert the price into US dollars and it’s ordered how long does it take to get it

  6. Jennifer


    And also with a regular drivers license be enough to drive this in America



    How much for maintance

  8. Lalith K


    Can you describe,

    1. About the batteries. i.e. Lead accumulators, Li-Ion etc.
    2. Battery temperature control method. i.e. passive or active.
    3. The car is equipped with regenerative brakes or not.
    4. Air-condition is fitted or not.
    5. Tire sizes.
    6. Weight.
    7. Motor specification.

    Thanks -LK

  9. dudley martin


    I am very interested inaquiring an electric at the right price regardless of oleaginous it is only for very short journeys for myself and wife Togo two doctors and local shops no more than a 15mlle radius of home at staple mill Bristol Bs154xs

  10. Chris Jacobs


    Id like to become a dealer of these fine rides . ID LIKE ANY INFO ON THEM I CAN GET .. THANK YOU

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