FS260-Pro Jetstream jacket up for grabs

endura pro jetstream

This week’s unseasonable weather has prompted us to give away this Endura FS260-Pro Jetstream jacket. The design features a windproof front and an insulating and breathable ‘Roubaix rear’ –   a lightweight thermal fabric that stays comfortable when wet and is quick drying. And as if that wasn’t enough, the jacket boasts triple rear pockets with reflective piping and a zipped rear security pocket.

Win a Pro Jetstream jacket

We have a red Endura FS260-Pro Jetstream jacket in small to give away. Simple leave us a comment below to be in with a chance of winning.

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  1. Phil


    My wife’s been bag jacket is getting bit tatty. Lets hope the Pro Jetstream lasts as long.
    it certainly looks good in the photo.

  2. Darren C


    Small should fit my wife perfectly, that’ll be one less excuse for her not to join me on the next ride!

  3. Lawrence Davies


    Should be great for inclement weather.

  4. Dick Willis


    I really need one of these, my old jacket is unreasonably shabby

  5. Stuart Lamb


    My size and my colour! Win Win…Now I need to win it

  6. Gareth Wells


    If Endura kit is good enough for the pros in Movistar, I think it’d probably handle my commuting and cycling needs! I have a few items from Endura and this is top stuff – great prize ETA!

  7. Rick G


    I’m a fan of Endura kit, but my existing Endura jacket, now six years old needs replacing.

  8. Alec


    Looks good!

  9. TD


    Small will fit me and just when my cycling jacket is coming to an end of its’ useful life!

  10. Charlotte


    I feel the cold soooooo badly! Brrrrrrr!

  11. Gavin


    A winter/autumn jacket… perfect for the British “summer”.

  12. Ruth Purdy


    With the weather we’ve has recently, I could have done with this.

  13. Jonathan Hunt


    A cool jacket for the…er…cool. Cool!

  14. Fran McLean


    Made in Scotland and the Scots know about weather. If this Endura jacket is half as good as my other bits of Endura kit I really want one!

  15. Helen Taylor-Carter


    With the permanent Autumn weather in August I could wear it right now

  16. Peter Clark


    Hmm. Better lose some weight. Hang on, it’s the Mrs’ birthday soon

  17. David


    Insulation on the rear might mean this jacket is unsuitable if wearing a back pack.

  18. Andrew Harmsworth


    Small is beautiful!

  19. Jane collier


    This would be so welcome especially as we get more and more need for warmer clothing these days to make the commute more comfortable.

  20. Pete


    Perfect for those chilly early morning rides in the country lanes.

  21. Deedee


    Looks great!

  22. Richard Scrase


    Breathable rear! Ideal, yes please

  23. O Jackson


    Zipped rear pocket sounds good

  24. Philip


    My beloved will look fantastic, and be comfortable in this beautifully engineered garment

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