The Biskiple: Urban cloaking device for bicycles

biskiple demonstration

With an estimated 800 bicycles stolen every single day in Britain, the time has come for a new deterrent against theft; the Biskiple is a flat-pack skip that offers secure storage for bikes.

Entirely anonymous in the urban environment, the Biskiple can be erected in less than five minutes on any street or drive. The design is of particular use to urban cyclists who often have a challenge finding somewhere to store their bicycles.

Designed and built by the ETA, the Biskiple is not intended to replace the need for a good insurance policy but rather to compliment it. A spokesperson explained: “A determined thief can break any lock, but if they don’t know the bike is there in the first place, it makes their job a lot harder.”

The Biskiple can be built for around £100 and less if materials are uppcycled. Plans are available by emailing

Ethical cycle insurance

ETA cycle insurance offers a sympathetic policy on the storage of bicycles. For example, as long as a shed door is locked, the bicycles stored within do not require any further security. In addition, the policy covers stolen quick-release components and for added peace of mind, claims are handled in-house. Furthermore, bikes are never devalued, no matter their age. Hardly surprising that The Good Shopping Guide voted us Britain’s most ethical insurance company three years in a row.

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  1. Paul M


    Lovely idea but I see a couple of problems:
    – people love dumping their rubbish in other people’s skips so don’t be surprised if you acquire additional wheels, frames and bricks!
    – around our area cars love crashing into skips! Might be better to adapt a proper skip!

  2. Roger Birchall


    This would take just 24 hrs to get all sorts of rubbish thrown in also would you want a skip permanently outside your house?,
    What about the legality of erecting a semi permanent building on a public highway?,
    Or am I missing something

  3. Frank


    What about cost of skip permit?

  4. John


    Fun idea, but we have resident parking zones round where I live; we’d have to pay for the space for the skip to sit on.

  5. Tony T


    You need a license (expensive) from the local council to place a skip on a public road. I know it’s not a real skip but I can’t see a local authority allowing you to place this on the road.

  6. Chris


    Skips on the highway need to be two colours to be legal in the UK

  7. Pete


    Is this article just an excuse to advertise ETA cycle insurance?

    • The ETA


      Every bicycle-related blog post on our site is an excuse to mention our excellent cycle insurance, but given we designed and built the Biskiple ourselves, this page especially so.

  8. Ray


    What a ridiculous idea…not thought this through at all, including all the above comments.

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