ETA voted Britain’s most ethical insurance company 2016

ethical insurance 2016

The ETA has been voted to be ethical in Britain for the second year running by the Good Shopping Guide.

Beating household-name insurance companies such as John Lewis and the Co-op, the ETA earned an ethical company index score of 89.

The ETA was established in 1990 as an ethical provider of green, reliable travel services. Twenty six years on, it continues to offer cycle insurance, travel insurance and breakdown cover while putting concern for the environment at the heart of all it does.

The Good Shopping Guide each year examines the companies behind the brands – both big and small. In some cases apparently ethical insurance brands score much lower than you might expect because the holding company is involved in less ethical practices.

According to the Good Shopping Guide: “Our till receipts can also be like voting slips – they can be used constructively by turning the notion of “money is power” on its head. This is something that the big corporations will have to notice tomorrow, even if they seem to be unaware of it today. If you care about global warming, pollution, animal testing, factory farming, the arms trade and the exploitation of people, you are certainly not alone. More people are taking an interest in the origins of their purchases, and where there money goes. What companies is your money supporting and how ethically responsible are these companies, are just a few questions now frequently being asked.”

“People are realising that they don’t have to join a campaign or become a political activist to make their voices heard: speaking out can also be as easy as making good choices about where you shop and what you buy.”

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