One bicycle coffee cup holder to go

It’s no secret that a car can sell on the appeal of its cup holders, but it’s an area of bicycle design usually limited to aftermarket water bottle carriers.

Swedish label Bookman redresses this imbalance with its simple bicycle coffee cup holder for your handlebars.

bicycle coffee cup holder

Win your own bicycle coffee cup holder

If you a cyclist who relies on a boost of caffeine to get their legs going before the morning commute, we have a Bookman coffee cup holder in vibrant red to give away. Simply let us know your cycling drink of choice in the comments section below and we will pick a name so you can enjoy a coffee on your daily commute.

The bicycle coffee cup holder is easily attached to the bars thanks to a clever spring steel construction. Open the spring by pressing the rings together, place it on the handlebar and let go. The spring clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place even over bumpy city roads.

The holder can be flipped and used with either the smaller ring or the lager ring depending on cup size.

The construction is free from screws and glue, which makes the product easier to recycle should that ever be necessary. More about the Bookman cup holder.

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  1. Ruth


    Definitely a Red label Co-op tea person myself!

  2. Jennifer


    Americano, white or black

  3. Yvonne Thorne


    Douwe Egberts for me

  4. Cassie


    The morning coffee, the mid-ride Orange juice and lemonade, and the post-ride recovery beer!

  5. Cati


    Twinings Earl Grey, I’m pretty hardcore!

  6. Wayne


    Latte, shaken, not stirred!

  7. Claire


    Always a good old builders tea – PG Tips if my fav 🙂

  8. Annmarie Pottrell


    Tea, black. Prefably Assam or Yorkshire Tea.

  9. amanda


    Flat white!

  10. Christina


    Perfect coffee on the go

  11. Mark D’Emmanuele


    bottled water from glass bottles, plastic bottles leech BPA into the water, especially if they’ve been in the sun or anywhere warm
    You can get non BPA plastic bottles for your bike

  12. Rob King


    A Nero’s double espresso. Would get it put in a large cup to fit the holder though!

  13. clara


    Gosh, I wanna buy a new bike (mine got stolen..) just to have this…

  14. Al Reef


    Black coffee the only way to wake me up for that early morning ride

  15. Raffaello



  16. Anne-Marie


    It has to be an cappuccino with extra cream and chocolate dusted over the top to get my day going

  17. Jane Lewis


    A good blast of fairtrade columbian coffee

  18. Liz


    It’s got to be a nice cup of tea!

  19. scottq


    a strong black coffee whilst pedaling along… that sounds nice 🙂

  20. Raf


    What a fantastic way to get me daily caffeine hit!

  21. Les Trusler


    I think a nice cold tipple of beer would fit it nicely.

  22. Les Trusler


    Or an americano

  23. Paul


    Sounds ideal for getting my cuppa to the allotment 🙂

  24. Alastair


    Tea in the morning.

  25. Les Hunter


    Being a yorkshire man its got to a good strong cup of yorkshire brew

  26. Duncan


    “The holder can be flipped and used with either the smaller ring or the lager ring depending on cup size.”

    I assume that’s a typo and should have read “larger ring”? Or is the idea coffee in the morning, then flip it and carry your Stella home in the evening? 🙂

  27. Duncan


    P.S. My cycling drink of choice would have to be a coffee – an “Ameri-Car?-NO!” of course!

    (and the Bookman Cup holder would be perfect for picking one up on my morning commute 🙂 ).

  28. Deb


    My drink of choice is Rocket Fuel and the have it on hand whilst cycling up hill would give me an extra boost 🙂

  29. Phil


    Lemon and ginger zinger

  30. John


    Cold lemon juice water on a hot bday and on a cold day, hot coffee

  31. swampy sarah


    Oh! Oh! Oh! This is amazing!! Caramel latte baby! 😀 xx

  32. mark gibson


    strong rocket coffee

  33. Dael Hartley


    Has to be a cup of English breakfast tea.

  34. Matthew B


    Probably will have to be an Americano: coffee to keep the stamina up with a bit more water to prevent de-hydration. Of course will have tye water bottle too!

  35. James Russell


    Coffee. Old Brown Java. Rich smooth and full of flavour.

  36. Steve Todd


    Will it take a machiato?

  37. Simon Thornton


    Mocha for me, and both hands on the handlebars !

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