Speed limits for pedestrians on pavements in the rain

Speed limits for pedestrians when it rains will not be respected and will hamper the promotion of sustainable travel, according to the Environmental Transport Association.

Pavements across Britain are to be painted with speed limit signs that are visible only when it rains.

Amid concern that pedestrians are not taking enough care in wet conditions, it is thought officials at the department for transport took inspiration from the French, who impose lower speed limits on motorways when it rains.

According to health and safety experts, walkers of all ages have been clocked at speeds as high as 4 mph when the heavens open. With the first wet-weather pavements due to be unveiled in London on 1st April, a spokesperson earlier today explained: “April showers pose a serious skid risk for speeding walkers who put their foot to the floor.”

speed limits for pedestrians

Hydrophobic signs

The super-hydrophobic paint remains dry while the pavement surrounding the paint gets wet – making the sign stand out.

Pedestrian signs will restrict those on foot to a speed of 2 mph in wet conditions.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) sounded a word of caution: “Other European countries do their best to promote walking, but this threatens to make Britain a laughing stock.”

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Hydrophobic pavement sign


  1. Derek


    Is this an April fool!,,
    Or are we all to be issued with pedometer speedometers?

  2. Raf Q.


    I feel this should be rigorously enforced for all pavement users: roller-skaters, children on scooters, segways etc. Dogs and pushchairs may be exempt, however, as the four points of contact with the ground provide better stability.

  3. S


    Shane you missed the 12 noon deadline; interesting idea though… 🙂

  4. S


    Shame you missed the 12 noon deadline; interesting idea though… 🙂

  5. Doug Milsom


    Before writing this off as an A F joke, please note that it was posted after 12:00, and therefore doesn’t count !!!

    • pedant


      Posted 31st March, actually…

  6. Geoff Evens


    The Guardian had a good spoof about Jeremy Clarkson having seen the light and gone green – but would it were true!

  7. Anthony


    Wonderful. Looks like it indicates where puddles are, so we can avoid them. We need some guerrilla hydrophobic painters marking the pavement, embarrassing the councils who can’t see to it that their pavements are walkable in wet weather.

  8. Tony Williams


    I was going to say that April Fools jokes ought to be posted before 12.00, so this one had gone wrong. Then I read Doug Milsom’s comment, and remembered that actually we live in an age when such a proposal could seriously be put forward.

    But I conclude that it is a joke, and ETA staff are too young to know that you have to do your April Fool stunts before midday.

  9. Andrew Davis


    I saw this before midday.

  10. Ray Spalding


    Brake (The road safety? charity strikes again, how long before these loonies want the 2m.p.h. applied to all road users all of the time?, and when a dog cocke his leg by the sign, will we all have to walk at 2 m.p.h.?

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