Stylish and sustainable cycle storage

If you want to freshen up your front garden or shed this spring while at the same time adding some gold-standard bike security, look no further than Velotrove – a British company that offers stylish and sustainable cycle storage design.

veloplanter with bike

The Veloplanter is a timber and recycled plastic design that allows the front or back wheel to slot into a planter. The units can be arranged back to back, in line, side to side or on their own to suit the space available. The robust planter storage rack works in conjunction with Velochain, which is also available to buy and install on its own as a way to secure a bike at home, on a balcony, in a shed or garage or on the street.

Velochain bike storage

The Velochain is a hardened steel chain encased in a PVC hose anchored to the ground.

Both the Veloplanter and Velochain are rated gold by Sold Secure. For more information about these products, visit For cycle insurance with a sympathetic policy towards cycle storage, get a quote at

Cycle storage

Velotrove founder, Paula Butterfield, explains: “I wasn’t able to find anything that looked good or didn’t take up too much space and that was flexible enough to house other garden paraphernalia and could grow and adapt with my family. I decided to design my own bike and garden store that meant I could organise and access my bikes and other tools easily and would be something I’d be happy to look at.”

One simple policy

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  1. David Webber


    The 2 examples here wouldn’t be suitable for my heavy ebike. I still think the Sheffield Hoops are the best, simplest and easiest way of securing all types of bikes

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