Vello: Ultimate urban folding bicycle?

Start-up bike builders Vello have combined the performance of Dahon’s 20” wheel size with the speed of a Brompton’s fold, to produce a sleek new commuter bike.

vello bicycle

Ranging between 9.5 kg for its Speedster model to 12.5 kg for the mudguard and luggage rack-equipped Urbano, the weight of the Vello bikes is in line with its competitors, but the design stands out from the crowd with integrated lights and personalised QR code identification system.

The Vello is not designed to fold as small as a Brompton or Dahon – its magnet release allows a ‘half fold’ adequate for getting onto a train, lift or storing inside. The handlebar stem and seat post can be lowered to make it smaller still, but the bike appears to have traded optimum folded size in favour of frame rigidity better riding performance.

Vello folder

The Vello can be pre-ordered for around £600 at or visit the website.

Vello specifications

Few cars are now sold without lights, mudguards or an anti-theft device such as an alarm or imobiliser, and yet that almost always the case with bicycles.

The Vello includes integrated lights, mudguards and a personalized and unique bike identification code hich can be linked to your online profile on the VELLO website. The code does replace the need for a good insurance policy, but hats off to Vello for incorporating a deterrent against theft.

Vello bike QR code security

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