Turn your bicycle saddle into a Seatylock

Bicycle locks can be cumbersome and thieves pinch saddles – two cycling gripes both addressed by the Seatylock.

Seatylock bicycle saddle lock

Seatylock is a bicycle saddle that transforms into a one metre solid lock to wrap around a fixed object in the usual way. Located at the bike’s centre of gravity, the 1.3 kg lock should have minimal effect on handling and it’s very hard to leave home without it.

Seatylock packed away

Seatylock has a universal adaptor that fits to any standard bicycle and can be adjusted for comfort.

The $129 (around £80) Seatylock appears to stand up well to attack from large bolt cutters, hacksaw blades and freeze spray, but as yet has not been tested by Sold Secure and as such is not accepted as an approved lock by British cycle insurers.

Seatylock saddle doubles as lock

For more information about the Seatylock, see kickstarter.com/projects/seatylock

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The Seatylock is the latest in a line of bicycle locks based around an existing cycle component. The self-proclaimed Unstealable Bike‘ has a frame that can be used as a lock by wrapping it around a lamp post.

Unstealable Bike

The seat post is removed and used to extend the reach of the opened frame – the theory is that by tampering with the bike, a thief would render it unrideable.

If frame rigidity can be maintained without too much of a weight penalty, it’s an interesting idea. However, the weak point will remain the locking mechanism. For more information about the Unstealable Bike see nadiemelaroba.cl

Innovation in cycle lock design is aways welcome and the introduction of smart technology promises to bike security promises to transform the way we secure our cycles, but the stark reality is that there are very few, if any, cycle locks that can withstand the attentions of a properly-equipped, professional thief – it’s the reason why so many cyclists still opt for a comprehensive insurance policy and the Sold Secure conventional lock it requires.


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