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Mobility Scooter Cover

Theft, accidental loss and damage

Mobility scooter cover or powered chairs up to the value of £3,500 against theft, accidental loss or accidental damage.

Breakdown cover

If you break down or are involved in a crash, we will offer up to one hour’s free labour at the roadside in order to get your mobility scooter moving again. If we can’t, we will take you and your mobility scooter/powered chair to your home address, or to a suitable repairer within a 25 mile radius. Should you be unable to access the recovery vehicle we will provide a taxi to take you to your home address within a 25 mile radius.

Get you home cover

If your scooter or powered wheelchair is stolen or damaged more than one mile from home, we will pay up to £50 (pay and claim basis) for the reasonable cost of taxi hire in order to get you to your onward destination or home. This will only be considered as part of a claim for repair or replacement of the insured mobility scooter.

Hire cover

We will reimburse the hire costs of a replacement mobility scooter whilst your claim is being processed up to a maximum value of £250.

Lost keys

We will reimburse the cost of replacement keys (or anything that substitutes a key) to your mobility scooter up to a maximum value of £100.

Personal accident

Your Mobility Scooter Insurance policy will pay out up to £20,000 if you are killed or seriously injured while using any mobility scooter.

Personal liability

We cover you for up to £5 million pounds against damage caused by your use of any mobility scooter.

Hospital benefit

If you are hospitalised whilst using your mobility scooter, we will pay you £15 per day hospital benefit.

Personal assault/mugging

If you are mugged or personally assaulted whilst using your mobility scooter, and are admitted as an in-patient in hospital, we will pay you £15 per day.

Personal effects

If any of your personal effects are lost or damaged at the same time as your scooter, we will cover the costs up to £250.

For full terms and conditions please refer to our policy wording

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