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Electric bike insurance

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Electric bike insurance

ETA Cycle Insurance covers all road-legal electric bicycles, ebikes and pedelecs as standard. If the output of your pedelec does not exceed 250 W/15.5 mph, it can be covered under our electric bike insurance at no additional cost. Every ETA cycle insurance policy includes the following as standard:

  • Theft, accidental damage & vandalism
  • Battery theft cover
  • Cycle Rescue (breakdown cover for your electric bicycle and you)
  • No devaluation of your bike over time
  • £2m third party PLUS £20,000 personal accident cover
  • Shed and garage storage
  • Low standard excess of 5% (£50 minimum)
  • Any rider covered to use your bike

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Battery theft

If the battery for your electric bicycle is secured with a key (as most are) or requires any type of tool to remove, then it is covered against theft by our cycle insurance policy.