Leonardo DiCaprio trades his Prius for a Tesla electric car

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio has traded in his Toyota Prius hybrid car for a £75,000 Tesla Roadster, the world’s first high-performance production electric sports car.

Dicaprio is well known for his interest in the environment and his name is linked with the Toyota Prius almost every time it is mentioned in the press, but the two-seater, all-electric Tesla is a radically different car in almost every respect.

Tesla is electric car milestone

In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper DiCaprio says of his new Tesla: “It’s my first sports car and it’s an unbelievable drive…it all happens with the flip of a switch, unlike a piston-driven engine that needs to build up momentum.”

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “The Tesla is important not for its performance, which is excessive for most drivers on most roads, but because it represents a milestone for electric vehicles – a car that in many ways outperforms its petrol-powered rivals.”

How the Tesla Roadster and the Prius compare

how do they compare? Tesla Roadster Prius II
Power 100% electric combination of 1.5lt petrol engine and electric battery driven motor
Range 244 miles on battery mode alone, a few miles only
0-60 time 3.7 seconds 10.9 seconds (using petrol engine)
Seats 2 5
Cost to buy £90,000 From £18,000
Cost of fuel per mile less than 1 pence estimates vary, but car returns about 72mpg overall
Watch the Tesla in action .

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