Taking your bike abroad

Bicycle insurance when travelling abroad

Bicycle insurance from the ETA covers your bike against theft, accidental damage and vandalism when you travel abroad, go cycle touring or take your bicycle with you on holiday.

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How does my ETA bicycle insurance work abroad?

You can claim for theft and damage worldwide, and personal accident if you are in Europe. You won’t be entitled to any claims outside of Britain for cover exceeding 31 days, for policies paid monthly, and cover exceeding 90 days for policies paid annually.

How should I store my bike while I’m abroad?

Our storage requirements are the same, whether in Britain or abroad. For more information, visit our cycle storage requirements page here https://www.eta.co.uk/insurance/cycle/cycle-storage-requirements/

I’m staying in a holiday apartment – do I need to lock my bike?

If your bike is inside your holiday apartment and the public cannot gain access, you do not need to lock the bike to an immovable object, but you must ensure that it isn’t visible from the outside. In the instance of a private apartment, the theft must be occasioned by a forcible and/or violent entry in every case.

Is my bike covered while in transit (with train operator or airline etc)?

Yes, but you must ensure that you get a receipt for your bike from the carrier (the airline, ferry operator, rail company etc). Your bike needs to be packed securely and the receipt must show that you have a placed a cycle with the carrier or that you have paid extra and added it to your hold luggage.

Am I covered for race events like triathlon while I’m on holiday?

Yes. You are covered against theft and accidental damage while you are racing. Also, you are covered whilst your bike has been left in a transition area, provided that a marshal is present. Personal liability, Personal Accident and Cycle Rescue are not covered.

Does the insurance cover me for cycle touring?

Yes. You are covered for 60 days worldwide for policies paid on an annual basis and 31 days for monthly policies. You can claim for theft and damage worldwide, and personal accident if you are in Europe. If you are camping, you must ensure that your bike is locked to an immovable object (a sizeable tree would do) and is not left unattended for more than 18 hours.

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