Folding travel scooters: Pros and cons

July 24, 2024

For those who need to carry their scooter by car, have limited storage space, or only require occasional use, folding travel scooters are a perfect solution.

Don't forget European motorbike breakdown cover

July 17, 2024

Planning a European motorcycle trip with your mates? Don’t let a breakdown spoil the fun. Make your bike breakdown someone else's problem While DIY roadside repairs can be rewarding, investing in a good breakdown policy before your trip is a smart move. Prices vary wildly, so do your research. If your bike is less than 20 years old and your...


Make the swytch: e-bike kit turns your bike electric for less than £400

July 17, 2024

As the popularity of e-bikes continues to surge, retro-fit electric motors offer a cost-effective way to join the movement. The Swytch kit is compatible with almost every type of bicycle, and prices start at less than £400. The package includes a motorised front wheel, a battery pack, and a handlebar-mounted control system. Crucially,...


Forget ULEZ cameras, this new tech detects individual car exhaust pollution in real time

July 16, 2024

Following in the footsteps of roadside cameras that detect speeding, mobile phone use and non-compliance of clean air zones such as London's ULEZ, comes tech that detects pollution from individual vehicles in real time. The Emission Detection and Reporting (EDAR) system uses a laser to detect harmful gases from moving vehicles. EDAR can...

General News

Are full-throttle e-bikes legal? The answer is yes, they can be

July 15, 2024

Full-throttle e-bikes are increasingly common in towns and cities across the UK. Delivery riders like them because they’re a cheap alternative to a conventional moped. Most are illegal to ride on the roads. However, they don’t have to be. E-bikes sold before January 1 2016 may have a full-speed throttle (you don't need to pedal at all to...

Don't neglect your bicycle chain this summer

July 15, 2024

Summer usually goes easier on bicycle chains. Unfortunately, wetter-than-usual weather this year has turned that on its head. By mid-July, areas of the southwest, southeast and northeast England had already received more than their average rainfall for the entire month. Cleaning a bicycle chain might seem like a dirty and thankless task,...


Buying your first mobility scooter

July 11, 2024

Buying your first mobility scooter is an exciting step towards greater independence and freedom. With various options available, it’s useful to understand the different types and the legal requirements. What are the different types of mobility scooter? Mobility scooters come in three main categories: Class 2, Class 3, and folding/travel...


If you thought Brexit was taboo in British politics, wait until you hear about road pricing

July 10, 2024

In the landscape of British politics, some topics it seems are off limits for open discussion. Brexit is one example. Road pricing is another peculiar taboo. Despite an increasing acknowledgment across political lines of the need for road pricing to address congestion, and tax-loss following widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption,...


E-bike battery risks: How can I stay safe?

July 10, 2024

In the wake of a tragic death caused by an e-bike battery fire, Bristol coroner Maria Voisin has raised concerns about the lack of understanding over dangers posed by lithium-ion batteries. Voisin’s investigation into the fire in a top-floor flat in Avon highlights the need for enhanced consumer protection. While fires involving e-bike...

The Cycology of summer cycling

July 9, 2024

The wetter the weather, the brighter cycling accessories need to be. Combining practicality with colourful prints, Cycology handlebar bags raise the spirits - however soggy the British summer. Fitting the bag is hassle-free thanks to three Velcro straps. Two fasten to the handlebars and one secures to the head tube. Crafted from...