NodPod promises best ever sleep while travelling

If you’ve ever managed to sleep on a flight, there’s a good chance you’ve woken up with a sore neck. We’ve tried to solve this problem with posable head restraints, bunched up jumpers and overpriced neck pillows bought last minute from duty free, and all have fallen short of the mark.

Here to save our necks is the NodPod: a new accessory which promises the best sleep you’ll ever get while travelling.

Designer Paula Blankenship from Kentucky, USA has already had over $230,000 pledged in support of her project through online crowd funding platform Kickstarter, far surpassing its original goal of just $20,000.


Like most great inventions, the NodPod is simple. It’s ‘Over The Top’ design keeps the head at a 90-degree angle. This replicates the upright the upright position in which one would sleep on a bed, and prevents the head falling to either side and causing neck pain, jet lag and ‘awkwardly waking up on your fellow passengers’.

Small enough for any travel bag, the NodPod fits easily to car, train, bus or plane seats without disturbing the passenger behind you (think TV screens). It uses soft memory foam for the pillow section, which is layered with a breathable PU fabric exterior.

The NodPod is set to retail for around $30. If you like it, you can back it on Kickstarter.

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  1. Jim Clark


    The ETA offering something to help plane passengers. Huh. As someone who has never flown and does not have a passport the more stiff necks, lost luggage, flight delays an hiked prices the better.
    You are supposed to be green.

  2. John Long


    Looks good for (e-)car passengers and laze around the house people, too. It’s not just for flying! It might even stop me snoring after a meal when I’m most likely to fall asleep in my chair.

    It’s not just for planes. Used in the right places, it is green.

  3. nic grainge


    I’m a little concerned that in the event of an accident this device could potentially rip your head off!

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