e-bikes radically transform how we travel

There’s a quiet revolution happening on our roads. Without the benefit of the government subsidies, costly charging infrastructure and advertising on which the success of electric cars relies, sales of e-bikes are soaring.

The benefits of e-bikes can include a significant and long-term effect on how people travel. The University of Lausanne examined this so-called ‘modal shift’ and discovered that over half of e-bike owners in one Swiss city use their cars less after getting an e-bike, and almost 20 per cent get rid of their car completely.

The researchers conclude that e-bikes should be at the core of planning for decarbonised transport in towns and cities.

Crucially, the report revealed that most e-bikes owners (58 per cent) use them for both utility and leisure. Almost one third used their e-bike for only utilitarian trips.

woman with e-bike

Forget electric cars, e-bikes are waiting in the wings ready to replace many cars in urban areas at a moment’s notice. After all, their batteries don’t require bespoke charging infrastructure and can save families thousands when used to replace a household’s car.

It’s not clear why the UK government refuses to include e-bikes in the subsidies available for every other class of electric vehicle, but one thing’s certain; there’s a huge group of potential e-bike customers who’d buy if helped with the purchase price.

Two-thirds of us would consider buying e-bikes if helped by a subsidy scheme, according to a poll conducted by Bosch. That’s almost 30 million people ready to buy an e-bike – a figure that would dramatically alter the UK’s transport landscape for the better.

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