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What we cover

Here you will find a summary of everything covered under our cycle insurance. If you are wondering how we compare to other providers, you can view our cycle insurance comparison table.

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BenefitCovers up toPeople coveredWhere
Theft and Damage Insured value You and your family on your bicycleBritain, Europe, Worldwide
Equipment and accessories£500You and your family on your bicycleBritain, Europe, Worldwide
Get you home cover£100You on your bicycleBritain, Europe, Worldwide
Replacement Cycle hire£250You and your family on your bicycleBritain, Europe, Worldwide
Personal Accident£20,000You and your family on your bicycleBritain, Europe
Personal Liability£2,000,000You on any bicycle and you and your family on your bicycleBritain
Cycle Rescue25-mile radiusYou on any bicycleBritain
Loss of Earnings cover£250 per weekYou and your family on your bicycleBritain, Europe

Triathlon and race event cover

Your bicycle is covered for theft, accidental damage and vandalism including during triathlon events. Furthermore, your bicycle is covered against theft when it is left in the transition area. The bicycle does not need to be locked while it is in the transition areas as long as the area is supervised by a marshal (which is usually the case).

Cover whilst touring and traveling abroad

Whilst travelling worldwide (up to 90 days per policy year) you are covered against theft, accidental damage and vandalism. If you are camping, you must ensure that your bicycle is locked through it’s frame, with a correctly rated lock and to an immovable object, as defined in the policy terms, the bicycle must not be left unattended for more than 12 hours at a time.

Insurance cover for electric bicycles, e-bikes and electric assist bikes

If your electric bicycle or pedelec has an output not exceeding 250 w/15.5 mph, we can cover you. Riders of electric bicycles benefit from protection against battery theft and our cycle rescue service that covers mechanical failure. If you have any specific questions please call us on 0333 000 1234.

Up to 40% no claims discount

Not all cycle insurance policies offer a discount on renewal if you haven’t made a claim. We understand that part of taking out insurance is hoping that you won’t have to use it, which is why we offer up to 40% no claims discount as a means of rewarding our customers.

Insurance cover for self-built and custom bicycles

If you have built a bicycle yourself or ride a custom bicycle, we will be happy to offer you cover based on a valuation from your local cycle shop. See our FAQs for more.

Low excess

Standard excess is 5% of the claim value (£50 minimum). Third party claims (£2m third party cover) are subject to an excess of £250. Claims where a bicycle was left unattended in a public place between the hours of 01:00 and 04:00 are subject to a higher excess of 20%, or a minimum of £100. This higher excess also applies to folding bicycles when they are locked in a public place.

Cycle to Work

If you have bought a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme, it can be covered as standard under our policy. We also cover bikes under the Bike to Work scheme.

Hired bikes

We are unable to provide cover for bicycles that have been hired by a company for personal use. Usually, the business you are hiring the bike from will provide adequate cover. If you are a company and are looking for insurance for your fleet of bicycles, you will need Cycle Hire Insurance.

For full terms and condition please refer to our policy wording.

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