E-bikes may help tackle cycling gender imbalance

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Nobody knows for certain why fewer women than men cycle in the UK. Transport planners, cycling organisations and researchers have their own theories, but all agree the gender imbalance has worrying implications for the future of cycling in Britain. After all, adults who have never cycled are less likely to encourage their own children to use a bike.

As Bella Bathurst puts it so well in The Bicycle Book, the bicycle has as much to offer today as it did in the nineteenth century:

A bicycle still offers freedom, but this time from cars and queues, from oil, from rising prices and a life inside. It gives us back the landscape and makes us part of nature again. It belongs to everyone – every age, every class, every race and religion. And, most importantly of all, it’s fun. A century on, and bicycles are still liberating us all.

The e-bike effect

While we’re waiting for the improvements in infrastructure that would undoubtedly increase cycling levels among all groups, it appears that e-bikes may have a part to play.

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Far fewer women than men cycle in the UK – e-bikes might help to redress the imbalance

Based on a survey of 2,000 people, Mintel predicts 19 per cent of ​​those who plan to buy a bicycle in the next 12 months will pick an e-bike. And it’s an option that’s proving popular among women.

Mintel’s Paul Davies says the upturn in cycling during the pandemic did nothing to narrow the long-standing gender imbalance. 41 per cent of men in the UK cycle compared to 22 per cent of women.

However, the research reveals a renewed interest in cycling among women. The figure peaks at over 40 per cent in those under 45, but remains at over one third in the 45 to 64 age group.

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